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  1. thanks, i might have to do some more Mosaics soon.
  2. This is my attempt, i tried lol that's my real name there
  3. Ok, i downloaded the plugiin pack 4 3.5, which i have, then i went to Paint, and i found some of the things, like jitter and outline, but still no smudge.
  4. Welcome to the gallery of Mountain View Graphix! MVG is my artsy thing, had to come up with a name. lol I make banners and sigs, although considering the amazing work of Paint.NETters, i should probably stick to selling them on Howrse. I made my avatar and signature. Please critique! I welcome it. ~~~My Backgrounds~~~ Hidden Content: My first background^^^^ ahh so much pink!^^^^ Reversi^^^^ Swirl Twist^^^^ Rainbowy!^^^^ I was trying to make water^^^^ Desert Mosaic^^^^ Colorful Mosaic^^^^ These can all be used, please credit to me as Aimee Gneiting. ~~~My Sigs~~~ Hidden Content: A tuto sig attempt, it turned out ok. Another sig tuto result. A sig for my banner/sig service on Howrse Another ad banner 4 Howrse This one turned out well. Please do not use any of these. ~~~My Banners/Manips~~~ Hidden Content: My cat! My dog! Trick or Treat! for a contest, turned out well! Glow the pegasus A seahorse. Shades of Gray- my attempts at shading Made by me for a christmas thread on the Small Worlds forum, thus my Small Worlds avvie name: Alaria Antares PLEASE do not use these, all belong to me for my use only, same as the signatures.
  5. i have downloaded some, but have yet to see a Smudge. Know of any other free paint-like things that has a Smudge? I have tried GIMP, but it never works, since i downloaded a bunch of brushes
  6. This is a thing i did, i was goofing around with the new distort things on V3.5, and i came up with this. Although i am still dissapointed there is still no Smudge. I want a Smudger!!!
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