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  1. I want money for... I dunno. Breathing? 8D -killed-
  2. Done,except you forget them at the last second. I wish I was as good as drawin'/graphics as my friend.;A; -envyenvyenvy-
  3. I'm just saying in /general/.o3o; Done,but everytime you touch it it shocks you. :c I wish Ren an' Stimpy was aired again.:c Same for Rockos Modern Life.
  4. Done,except the streets flood,an' your house/basement ends up being flooded,thus,ruining everything. I wish I was more creative.;o
  5. Uh,sorry,I would've made this sooner,but I got caught up with messin' with Paint.Net an' such.o3o;; Souh... My RL name is Morgan,I'm femaleplz. My favorite animal is Cougars(obviously),an' toads is a close second... I like readin',mostly horror,I also like video games.o3o; (This includes Pokemon.Sue me.) I'm pretty nice,it mostly depends what mood I'm in. Uh,I'm not new to forums,I've been goin' to another one for atleast a year now. <3 I have a lot of nicknames,you can make your own,but my popular ones are Gabitten,Gabi,Shadow(I despise this one though.e-e),Wolf,Morgy,WolfCat,Frog,etc; Soyeah,hi.o3o;
  6. Well,I'm truthfully "new" to Paint.Net.o3o; Just downloaded it yesterday,an' basically looked for some guides an' such. Then I stumbled across this forum an' decided to join.;o
  7. Done,but you end up missing an' important lesson,an' miss three major tests. I wish Stephen King wrote scarier books.:c -likes readin' Horror-
  8. -blinks- Really? I must've over looked some things.o3o; But thanks.x3
  9. Done,but you also forgot who you are. I wish toads lived longer.;A;
  10. Hm. So,apparently,I'm new.o3o; Souh.. Hi? I couldn't find a intro thing or anythin',so,might as well start 'ere.o3o; Butyeah,how is everyone?
  11. Done,but it smells terrible.;o I wish I had a pet Cougar.:c
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