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  1. I just soooooo love your " Complex Geometry Realm " the colors, the depth it's amazing! I, and I think I may write "we", would love to see more of your art
  2. awesome! This would help me with my SL avi's!
  3. yaaaaay, ohw, I do need some help if I'm host since I have never done this before... but if I have questions about it, should I ask you Pyro?
  4. thank you so much helen! huggles! Nitenurse, it is just a matter of practice and experience, you can do it to if you really want I am always here to answer questions and give help with the kind of art I create...
  5. lol, i actually didn't like IMVU or maybe thats because i didn't understand how it works or so... but i would love to see more textures :-)
  6. mystic onyx is very very very very very very very pretty lol
  7. well I think it would be the best for IF we start this contest, give people a lil more time, lets say, 2 weeks instead of one, because I know how much time it will cost.... lol everyone is blind from time to time... I forgive you ;-)
  8. I am so glad to see more people busy with virtual world art and stuff, for a long time I was the only one on this forum who made pictures of secondlife avi's and edited them... Do you take pictures of IMVU avi friends? anyway, with those hair textures you could open a shop in second life ;-) great thing you do, I hope to see more of it
  9. well it is lucky there is a line tool, it helps to create the sketch lines and from that point just draw... It needs some practice I know... I practiced about 2 years on my second life pictures before I had enough courage to do these drawings just try it from time to time and you'll see you'll get better at it
  10. Thank you for adding me as a friend Aislin. Your tutorials and creations amaze me.


  11. i have a Nikon D3000 a bit cheaper but an awesome camera!I can't live without it anymore... lol
  12. the car looks sooooo much better now see you can do it, those are just tiny details but it makes a world of difference nice puzzle image
  13. thanks everyone. Thanks Jim for the great idea, I will think about it, but for now just one step at a time. I created some business cards to give away, with my website on it and all, so I hope to get some customers for the digi paintings, if that works out I will try some more things like those mural stuff.. Every image is done just by mouse and the main tools I use are the selection tools, line tools, paintbrush, smudge and Gaussian. With the most simple tools you can create the most wonderful art... that is, what I think, amazing about this kind of art
  14. lol (thats all I have to say)
  15. then that would be a challenge and beside, I wont compete... I would like to see others create those things. I will help where and when I can. It's not that everyone needs to create a perfect one, but it's about creativity right? You have to start somewhere and you'll do better if its a contest I believe... Have you tried one of my tuts yet?
  16. I agree with agjm, reflection is your best work (in my opinion) great use of colors, it's simple and the reflection itself look great
  17. i like what you did with the latest one, but the front wheels kind look like they are floating even though you created some shadow... maybe where the wheels tough the road a very thin line of shadow would help? or some lil stones from the road in front of the wheel?
  18. thanks bbq but if he keeps loving his lion (on the babygym) I guess he wants a jungle or so in a couple of years, would be a challenge for me to do I have been asked to design a tattoo (just design) after I pointed out that I would like to do that as well... I think I will post it in a couple of days here...
  19. agjm why do you think no one would do it? Because it is a hard subject to do? Or because there is no interest? thanks welsh, maybe you could email me some of your trials, maybe we could talk about where and how you get stuck?
  20. it's a no for my idea or what?
  21. now collecting all seasons of Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Tudors and Grey's Anatomy, yeah yeah, I know, weird combination if you put them together, LOL
  22. it's a great tut, but I actually already like the outcome between points 16 and 17... if you add some bubbles, underwater plants and other fish, it would totally awesome already
  23. simple, nice use of colors, great font. I will give you a 9/10 because I just don't give a 10/10 lol
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