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  1. what about some awards for art instead of people? like:

    best artwork in abstract


    best artwork in sigs

    so if you vote you type for example: space-cape (made by ...)

    so every artwork which got nominated, must have a name, otherwise, it can't be nominated

    or would this be too much when voting because everyone likes an other artwork the best

  2. nice stories here :)

    my story began in 2007 when I created a second life account... I wanted to have something that fits my real character, that explains who I am for real... lol so I found Aislin. You were able to choose a last name from a list and I liked Thespian best, so I became Aislin Thespian.... eversince, I use the name Aislin everywhere on the net, because I really don't like to post my real name everywhere....

    I do have to tell that you pronounce Aislin as 'eyeslin or icelin' in my case since I love icy periods, I am a real winterperson and because I was/am a photographer (eye) in second life....

  3. thanks everyone... I still think you all could do this too if you practice a lil... lots of huggles

    by the way, my lil sis gave birth to a son!! 2of januari at 22:15, his name is Jason, 6 pounds and 48 cm and, most important, he and my sister are doing great :) it took my sis almost 20 hours!!

  4. thanks Helen and bbq, I hope to have tomy finished by tomorrow, and I also started on a new one! lol, I love these portraits, but I know I have to try some in color in the new year, am actually scared of failing at colored portraits... anyway, here's the whip of the new one I'm also creating:


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