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  1. the shadowing part is in this one, the hardest thing to do and i am not done with it... what you are talking about - the forehead, i have not even started on the shadows near the flowers, why? because i think it is better to do the flowers first so I know the exact places where to put darker and lighter shadows and highlights... on my black and white paintings, the shadows are the most easiest thing to do, so yeah, this is really a trial in my case... I think I will need to do a color study before I will be very good at it though Thanks for your comments and yes Jim, you were thinking correct, but as I said, i have not even started with that part yet
  2. This time I have started a colored digital portrait! it's a bit harder because of the use of colors, it has to look natural and skin is very very hard to look natural if you start with colors.... anyway, progress is on page 1
  3. I think it looks pretty good, more like some kind of pin with handle, but the shadow and highlights are awesome! also the bling at the point is very very good I like this work of you
  4. I really like your new style ;-)
  5. i agree that it would be more fun if there are less awards... I mean, i had to think it over for over a week, because there are so many awards... this would make it not only easier for you, but also for the voters...
  6. what about some awards for art instead of people? like: best artwork in abstract or best artwork in sigs so if you vote you type for example: space-cape (made by ...) so every artwork which got nominated, must have a name, otherwise, it can't be nominated or would this be too much when voting because everyone likes an other artwork the best
  7. nitenurse, if you still believe people make fun of you, just check your reputation points... you have so many in such a short while, which means you are very, very appreciated here on the forum ;-)
  8. thanks for the amazing comments, it should have been leelee sobieski but the face went all wrong... she looked already cold on the picture:P
  9. congratz too all of the winners! it was a lot of fun this this year, since I have missed it last year due to pregnancy and all ;-). Also would like to thank those who nominated me and let me show my art in the Louvre! huggles for everyone!!!
  10. thanks everyone, yeah I had the luck that I got epidural and was able to sleep the whole day till 30 minutes before giving birth! anyway, I have a new one at page one... I made it in sepia, a lil diff from black and white
  11. nice stories here my story began in 2007 when I created a second life account... I wanted to have something that fits my real character, that explains who I am for real... lol so I found Aislin. You were able to choose a last name from a list and I liked Thespian best, so I became Aislin Thespian.... eversince, I use the name Aislin everywhere on the net, because I really don't like to post my real name everywhere.... I do have to tell that you pronounce Aislin as 'eyeslin or icelin' in my case since I love icy periods, I am a real winterperson and because I was/am a photographer (eye) in second life....
  12. I'm planning to get to know everything of PDN lol, getting better in digipaintings, study and find a job I like lol
  13. thanks everyone... I still think you all could do this too if you practice a lil... lots of huggles by the way, my lil sis gave birth to a son!! 2of januari at 22:15, his name is Jason, 6 pounds and 48 cm and, most important, he and my sister are doing great it took my sis almost 20 hours!!
  14. I got Harry potter part 1 for ds (latest movie) dragonquest 9 for ds and braintrain for ds... some chocolate and a couple movies i got soooo addicted to dragonquest!! nby the way... my lil sis gave birth to a son named jason today!!!! yaaaaaaay
  15. I gave my boyfriend guitar hero for the wii!! and a book with animal sounds for my son (he already got lots of toys from other family... lol)
  16. progress 10000000000000000000000000 or something like it I am really not happy with the face, i'll leave that up for last... lol
  17. am sorry... voting is up now.. but i am planning to do an other contest like this very soon, okey?
  18. should be placed at tutorials, but great idea yeah
  19. lol I hope so... If I have finished this one and Tomy, I will try one out in color... if I don't get tooo scared of failing.... lol
  20. thanks Helen and bbq, I hope to have tomy finished by tomorrow, and I also started on a new one! lol, I love these portraits, but I know I have to try some in color in the new year, am actually scared of failing at colored portraits... anyway, here's the whip of the new one I'm also creating:
  21. I agree that it would look nice, but, it is a bit too dark for a lil sig... you wouldn't see much detail if I made it smaller.... sadly...
  22. what if, I don't know who to put, for example; banned just leave it empty?
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