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  1. Auditor is a great image the smokesare good and the background is wonderful
  2. your robocop is amazing! love the way you used the inksketch effect
  3. thanks I actually painted those twoo very smooth, you know, as in my other works... But I wanted to make them a bit more realistic, so I did a bit of smudging, I did a bit of custom mini brushes (I have like, 50 skin pensils from Adobe Photoshop) at last I added grain and added noise... voila! Me myself and I, are most proud of Taylor Lautner, because of the intense and realistic look I will make some time today to go look through your galleria's EDIT, but I see I missed some cleaning up next to the face and shoulder, I have a bad computerscreen... have to look from each side of it to see if I missed something... lol
  4. An other new work... This time I made a lot of use of custom mini brushes and smudge, creating a 'painted' look, it was a lot of fun Reference photo: http://images4.fanpo...722-499-649.jpg also Updated Tomy his picture, better than the B&W version?
  5. thanks helen and bbq, I'm fine... I have such little time these day's, so I rather spend the time I have on creating than on watching the forum a lot... sorry, but I guess you'll understand? how are you?
  6. So here it is, the finished digital painted portait of Tomy!!
  7. I actually never used it... only use layers, and sometimes I set my layers to reflect or overlay.... lol
  8. incredible written tut, I finally learned something about the alpha mask! lol, maybe it would make my portraits a lil more easy to do ;-)
  9. maybe a tutorial about realistic smudged hair? I'm not pretty good at that yet, lol, and also not very good with smudge, so I would love to see a tut of that ;-)
  10. Welsh, above your reach? I don't think so... your work is so impressive, I couldn't do that! and thanks everyone ;-)
  11. lol, I guess you read them and only respond to the interesting people and interesting questions etc? I would totally understand that!
  12. I can only agree with those who responded before me, impressive, would you like to create a tutorial of one of these things? I think I may speak for the others, that we would love to see how you created them
  13. I'm Bahaaaaaaaaaaack! at the first page you can see some works in progress... just wait a sec.... uploading..... lol
  14. I love your latest work A Girl, I can see your smudge skills have improved lots!!! great to see this wonderful gallery :-)
  15. Finally have internet at my place, so I wanted to respond to your a gallery as one of the first things! your images are very good, especially the fruit and your hand, lol I can see it's painted in pdn, from scratch? anyway, a late welcome from my side (would have said that sooner if I had the chance...
  16. looks awsome helen! I'll take a better look this weekend
  17. thank you rock and sperber!! pffff wish I had my internet back yet... Finally was able to pay for the last three months so I should have it back on soon, yaaaaaaay and younger people on the forum, do not start with kids until you have a good job!!!! lol anyway, from tomorrow it is back to school with me since I can not find a job... I am going to study for a booker, yes that is weird because I want to be creative, but, in these times you must have a good job and there are just a few bookers around here so my chances to find a job within a year with this study is pretty high... I miss you all a lot, and I wish I was here much much more. I saw there are a couple new people on the forum with their own gallery so I try to hop in those in a minute to see all those wonderful works!!! sorry if I can not respond to everyone and every work, I do not have time for that... (I have till 11am european time) lots of huggles for everyone!!!!
  18. thanks everyone :-) Welsh, is your throat feeling better now? you really were shouting for an hour and a half? that is a mega huge compliment for me, haha I can say to all of you that I am still working on some projects, but I have less inspiration now I do not have internet, very strange is that... I might have internet from next week, if i am able to pay, lol... yeah, when you have a kid... lol hope to get back here soon... I need to see lots of art :-)
  19. Hey! well, i just can agree with welsh! the library screen is vibrating of the colors!!
  20. thanks :-) you guys are wonderfull. am now in the library hoping to have enough time to watch some art and all from all of you.. I might have internet at home from next week...
  21. thank you everyone.. sorry i am not really around lately.. due to being broke issues i have no internet
  22. Happy Birthday Aislin

  23. Happy Birthday Aislin

  24. and again, a song of Poets of the Fall, just love them and hoping that tahy will do a Europe tour soon, instead of just going to east and north Europe
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