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  1. agree with sokagirl..... with a bit of editing it does look like a shell :wink: and i think a very nice one too
  2. I do not know much about sigs, but like your colors :wink:
  3. May I ask what there is wrong about the 2 pics the moderator removed??? they were not naked pics, they were not pornpics or something.... it is art of females WITH clothes on. A bit overreacted to my opinion......and i did remove one yesterday becouse I knew that, that one wasn't allowed
  4. Welcome to my gallery! In real life I am known as Marjan, but on the net I am called Aislin Thespian. I am 22 years young with a babyboy, born on 27 July 2011. In 2009 I got the idea to take virtual photographs in second life, but they did not look very realistic, so I decided to do something with them. Adobe Photoshop was tooooo expensive for me, so I tried The Gimp, but I hated it, don't ask why, I do not even know the reason for it. Anyway, after a couple programs I came at Paint.Net, thanks to my ex-boyfriend. At first, I did not know how to use all of the tools, I was not able to 'paint' but just played a bit with the pictures to make them less blurry or pixelated. Now, finally, I am getting somewhere... My dream is to paint portraits for a living one day, so I can be at home, in front of my computer, with PDN and just paint, day and night. Tutorials: PDN Digital Painting Second life picture editing digital painted hand If you have any questions about my work, do not hesitate to ask, I will gladly answer. Working on Hidden Content: Digital Painted Portraits 2011/2012 Hidden Content: progress first digital painting Hidden Content: progress Blue Flowers Hidden Content: Best SL pics since 2008
  5. Thank you Nemo, that is wonderfull, it really would help
  6. a spiral of water around an av or object... i couldn't find any of water in google, but i did find one of fire..... if anyone knows how to make a water one (looking more real as on the example with fire, that would be great.
  7. does anyone know how to create a waterspiral around an av or object?
  8. can i bring out 2 votes? LOL i can not choose
  9. tell me, what kind of game is it, I might be joining if i like it :wink:
  10. fukinotou - furaibo Japanese, i don't have a clue what it means, but it sounds nice to me;-)
  11. Sorry for posting about this one ---v I know the excistance of the shadow/highlight recovery, but it really isn't something like the Burn/Dodge tool what i am looking for in paint.net. I hope someone can still make this plugin for paint(cous i have no idea how to make them myself :oops: )?? I would be very very thankful.
  12. hi, with this, i am a little step closer to what i want, but i still don't get far. I know the copy/past thing, but i don't think that this tric, would help me. If you know second life, you can make your av bald and make a picture, for that picture with the bald av, i want to create new hair for example: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cherieparker/3954935981/ in an other topic i already posted that it might be more handy to have the following menu's etc for paint.net http://fc00.deviantart.com/fs13/f/2007/029/a/4/How_to_make_realistic_hair_by_rumbles.jpg or, if you can tell me the right steps, how to put it ON THE AV, that would be wonderfull (again, i do understand the copy past function, i tried, but i don't think that is how it works on an av, to create realistic hair)
  13. Hi, I'm making an attempt to create realistic hair, but Paint.net does not have a simple smudge tool, and the extra brush plugin tool that is around forces me to edit the image in it's own editor which has a very limited zoom level, so working on close detail level is not doable. All with all, these lacking options and limitations does not really allow me to create what i want. For Photoshop there are plenty tutorials to reach this goal simply, yet for Paint i can not find any decent idea on these forums or the net that comes even close to a similar result. The most simple approach in photoshop http://rumbles.deviantart.com/art/How-to-make-realistic-hair-37309488 A generic technical method to achieve this: http://features.cgsociety.org/story_custom.php?story_id=3174&page=1 The last page does not mention a specific drawing application, but these all involve usig different brush aspects and applying smudge/sharpen/blur combinations that Paint.net does not seem to offer. Did anyone have done a successful project in regards to creating realistic hair or can someone give me some advise how i can adapt the ideas described on the tutorials in the above links, to paint.net? Big thanks in advance...
  14. Hi ya all! new member here. A bit about myself: I am very active as photographer in SL (second life) and now learning some nice trics in Paint.net to make the avs look as real as possible. wanted to thank for all the nice plug-ins, already helped me a lot! Aislin :wink:
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