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  1. dawn by poets of the fall (yeah i love that band)
  2. do you already know what kind of tablet you will buy?
  3. awsome, and yep i am looking for a tablet as well. Havnt found any yet. Though amazon has a few good ones atm. My BF bought one for me today :wink: Genius G-Pen, cheap... but we have been reading the reviews on that tablet and it's good enough. I'll give you my review when i have it at home next week.
  4. I make pictures first in second life as photographer, after that the avatars on the pics, need to be edit a lot (smudging/bluring) If i use something else then my own pictures and PDN I tell that;-)
  5. need to have a graphic tablet first..... I can now feel the economic crisis in my pocket.. so I need a cheap second hand tablet unfortunatly, lol
  6. Thanks Bjarni, I like your green abstract work;-)
  7. ...when you are starting to dream at nights, how you would like to edit some pics, or having a bad nightmare with PDN brushes attacking you
  8. I think you will still be able to draw with it... only the pressure option (hard soft pressure of the pen) will fall away... or am i wrong?? has someone on this forum experiences with the intuos3/4 with the size of A5?
  9. I think, that would be a good rule... becouse people who does PDN for years now, are already a lot better than noobies, but they should have a chance to win too.... And i think this would make it a bit more fair..... But of course, that is my opinion
  10. I don't know if i am right or wrong to ask it here, just remove it when i have no rights to ask it here... I am looking for a second handed tablet to draw... I do not have a lot of money, so a new one is too expensive for me, especially becouse i would like a good one, size of A5paper not smaller, may be bigger.. I have 50 Euro to spend... Who has an older one, which you never use becouse you have a new(better) one???
  11. Love the stories how everybody came here, have been reading it with a smile. Now my story.... I have been creative with my hands my whole life. I begun drawing when i was around 2years young. After a while i wanted something diff, so i started to paint on canvas (not computer, lol) But also that was boring after a while.... so i quit... did not know what to do, it did not feel like a hobbie, just something i did a lot. Thanks to my bf, I started with Second Life, where i wanted to work, for safing mony for real life. I thought about my creativity, and thought i could make photographs to earn something. But when i did that for a couple weeks, I started to think: My pictures doesn't look proffesional and my bf told me to use a photoshop program. I tried the Gimp and artweaver, but did not like the programs and ended here. PDN is so much better then those other 2 programs that i stayed, try to do diff things. But again, after a couple weeks it strated to get bored (i did not know about plugins and more effects etc. Again thanks to my bf, I came here, and i noticed that you can do lots and lots more with PDN than i ever knew. Just love it :wink:
  12. as you all now prbably know, I make the pics that i use myself in sl, so nothing comes from google or something, unless the 1 or 2 on which i say there comes some images from google or so..... First real sig i have ever done, i think it looks quite well... lots of bluring and smudging on the dresses tho, becouse if you make pics in sl, they could look horrible with clothes! if you would like to see the original pics i made for this sig, go to the halloween contest :wink:
  13. looks easy, but maybe that is just how i (noob) sees it :wink: Nice style, nice colors. 8/10
  14. First contest I'm joining here, yaay Made some pics IN SL first, after that, I made a sig of it :wink: lots of blur/smudge work, lol.... First the pics i made in SL: Hidden Content: and the final SIG! So, sig is 100% made by me, including the used pics :wink:
  15. yeah.... well... an odd song is this... i like some instrumental parts but they may leave the singer out of it, lolzz 6/10 :wink: It's Poets Of The Fall with the song Carnival of Rust
  16. looks really nice. Just a bit empty, maybe you can put some nice effect in the corners??
  17. looks very nice, it looks a bit like colored glass, or something spacy (also becouse of the stars), I like the coloring :wink:
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