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  1. if you left the writing out of it, it would be looking much better then it is now... it's a bit too much..... but the white/blue part in the left upper corner looks nice tho
  2. I think (but tht is my opinion) that there is missing some colors.... maybe some dark blue and greenish??? But it does look very nice! 8/10
  3. sure I have it... but i accidently merged some layers down lol... and i do not really know how to send a pdn version... Maybe you could PM me about it :wink:
  4. Thanks YY10!! It was fun making it :wink: never done such thing as this!
  5. I like the colors, they match very well :wink: EDIT: forgot to rate, 7/10
  6. what do you think guys? 100%PDN with graphic tablet no stocks, just drawing, coloring and gaussianblur...
  7. can only agree with Nemo and Soka! :wink:
  8. thanks Soka! Ohw, added my motor here, what do think guys???
  9. here is my entry. I used an image as example, but the final image is 100% PDN (made with graphic tablet) so it is handdrawn, nothing copy/past past work. First I drew the sketch for the bike, I colored it on an other layer - more layers for shadows/highlights + a lot of gaussianblur. the Image I used as an example: http://wallpapers.dpiq.org/wallpapers/11/Bike_Babe%2C_Wraith_Chopper_Concept.jpg EDIT: sorry for the edit, here is a link where you can see the PDN version... Altho I merged some layers down by accident, lol.. have fun looking at it :wink: http://www.vincentvoois.com/aislin/motor.pdn My final sig:
  10. looks a bit like a crystal wineglass with water in it and you llok from above... lol It's nice tho!
  11. I have really no idea where to put these following pics, so if i placed it wrong, just tell me where to put them and I will..... Made these 100% PDN with my new graphic tablet which I used today for the first time! so tell me what you think!
  12. Just love it... it looks very very nice! If we could travel to other planets then I would wish to see that one with my own eyes :wink:
  13. It's not RPG avatars we're talking about. The picture up to 120*160px wide and tall above your name is an avatar what do you suggest? where do i need to put this one?? lol
  14. thought this was signatures, AVATARS, logo&text??? I do have an avatar lol
  15. thanks you both I'm really ging to continue with SL photography and abstracts. Just like doing it :wink:
  16. Did a new pic in SL, background was easy, but it took me a while to make the avs looks pretty real.... what do you think?
  17. me myself and i, like the third one;-) hmmm wondering how you did that
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