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  1. did you use feather on your planets? I can se some hard pixels if you know what I mean....The planets look very nice, that's the only thing I have seen that could be better (in my eyes tho) The purple signature is very very nice! Am looking forward to see new stuff :wink:
  2. Thanks Soka and OMa, *giggles* yes if you are a second life photographer, the hair is alway's the most work because that looks most fake... I did some blurring, created a new layer and painted the dark spots black-blur-overlay and also did the same with white... Am still trying to learn to create realistic hair... then I can make the pics of the avatars with bald head and create hair what they like :wink:
  3. aaaahw, no votes for me anymore??? *giggles*
  4. again, poets of the fall-dawn am addicted to poets of the fall *giggles*
  5. I like "raindrop on my hips" very very much, it has depth, it's simple but very, GORGEOUS. Can't wait to see more new stuff! :wink:
  6. I like your work very much, but in my opnion!, some of them could use a feather or some more blending, some are a bit pixelated... you have passed the noobstad
  7. Really nice hat you made... just the flames seems to float in the middle of the hat, if that is what you wanted VERY GOOD and if not... try to lower the flames(if you have it in an other layer of course) Here my try, black 'n white picture. I think she looks very real to me :wink: As usual, made a picture in Second life and edited in PDN. You can see the before and after in my gallery.
  8. Thanks Bjarni, am hoping to see some new work from you as well :wink:
  9. nice use of colors, maybe is the av in the sig a bit too sharpen.....7/10
  10. Barbique, you are not the only one *giggles* My work is alway's 100% mine, so I hope I did this one okey....... render: http://www.gamerzplanet.net/forums/grap ... s-2-a.html (URL to the page) http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/2853 ... 6324wb.png (render I used)
  11. wooow love it Soka!! one of your better works I think!
  12. woow nice planet! It is dark, but it suits this image better then when you used more light I think....
  13. thanks for commenting on my sig :? feels like 'some' people are ignoring me since the first day I arrived, not funny anymore... not something that I think yaaay nice forum, I'll stay!
  14. *giggles* thanks Bjarni, I like 100%PDN.... you know then that it is something you created, without other things.. something where everyone who makes 100% PDN can be proud of I think...
  15. well I like this theme, altho I don't know anything about cars and stuff, LOL
  16. In my opinion there is no right or wrong. Welcome to the forum, Go on with those nice images, am sure you will grow :wink:
  17. Then ask for help in the troubleshooting section. There's a specific rule against asking for help with an old version. I have the same problem, I have the new PDN version, but smudge doesn't work on the new one (no way I'm getting back the old one, but it's still weird)
  18. found this youtube fragment, lol you would never guess what's going to happen!!!
  19. lol, can I have the instructions as well???
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