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  1. I think... you could leave some spaces open... less stars... and maybe a bit green/red/blue color... But that is just my opinion... Further... Nicely done
  2. yes please, *giggles* can I have a medium pepperoni??
  3. because you do not know the answer either???
  4. Probably the ones who find it easy would typ "yes?', right?
  5. I love you phoenix eggs, smooth, colorfull, warmth, it has everything I like. Nice done!
  6. *giggles* a bit dark... can't really see something in it. Lighten it up! 6/10 rate current sig:
  7. Nice one Bjarn!!! You're getting better!
  8. Love the color, Love the design. everything together: Great work!
  9. hmmm hard one... looks kinda sharpen and blurry to me a the same time... or I need some glasses *giggles*
  10. Very good that wood! as Soka says; would be a nice table!!
  11. You can see now the before and after of my avi :wink:
  12. Thanks Bjarni, Barieq and soka, I have now a deviant... but haven't uploaded all, busy with school *giggles* trying to make a animation movie for artclass. You'll see it when it's finished
  13. no stocks or renders used Edit: don't know why it looks smaller than the real version... must be something to do with my flickr page...... 2nd edit: got it right now... i guess...
  14. thanks for the votes guys and CONGRATZ PIPP
  15. woow I can see 3 mouths in it, or am I starting to get blind? LOL
  16. lol... thanksgiving??? The Netherlands don't do that! :wink:
  17. Giggles, it's costum work... I make what costumers ask me, and she wanted to have black and white
  18. *giggles* You think I have time for it?? I just create time! from mon till thurs I'm busy with school and the weekends PDN and Second Life (it kinda works together for me)
  19. I did but no respons yet (send it a couple days ago)
  20. thanks everyone!! never thought I would get votes *giggles*
  21. *giggles* you just had to post one song :wink: I'm listening to: the blue nile - lets go out tonight
  22. I think it is better to post in the last one you made.... just one gallery of you own and not 10 with 2 pictures in it... understand???
  23. I love those balls with grane floating into the sky! very nice use of colors, shadows... It just looks soooo nice :wink:
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