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  1. hi, I had some majure internet problems (still have) I amnow at my parents place in the Netherlands but Iam going home today... Also they won't allow me to dowload anything and since it would take a while to have my internet back (having no money to pay) I won't be on soon... So I really hope someone of the host would want to finish this competition by setting up the poll?

    Hope to be back soon!!

  2. The composition looks great. I'm not too keen on the bodies cut abruptly from the bottom. If you can fade them out a bit into the black it would look more natural and fit in with the poster better. Otherwise, it looks like a real poster already and if you're going to paint it and do it successfully, then there's nothing that you can't do in Paint.NET. Good luck!

    giggles, like I said, they are ruffly cut out, of course I have a plan for that ;-) but I can't do that yet if I still have to paint it...

    There is A LOT I can not do in Paint.NET, I can't even make a jewel with all those plug-ins, in fact I don't even know what all of those plug-ins do! That's because I only focus on painting... lol, But thanks a lot for your nice comment :-)

  3. thanks :) but I just don't like the front... lol

    Anyway, I am starting with a huge project, a band poster (intirely painted). I have made a collage from roughly cut out pictures first, to see what composition I would like and came up with this:


    just remember, this is not painted yet, but I am going to, and since it has got 6 faces, it would take me a while to finish... giggles

    What I would like to know is what YOU think about this composition (since I am actually making it for the band)

  4. Been playing a little game called Digimon Battle Online. I used to play it quite a bit. I just wanted to go back to playing because I have some awesome Digimon. It's not popular, has bad graphics, and is now ignored by the G.M's... But, I love it for some odd reason.

    Flamedramon name: Flare

    Terriermon name: Barnaby :3

    Agumon name: PyroFire

    Fanbeemon name: Mach

    Betamon name: FISH THING (Not to be all caps, that's just his name. It's in all caps xD)

    Going to make a Sig soon about it

    I used to watch digimon on kids tv :)

  5. Hi everyone,

    I would like to try an other realistic art competition, if there are enough participants.

    For this one I thought about painting vehicles, since there are more guys here and it is more populair than portraits. The rules are very easy, you can use the following effects/tools:

    All of the blurs

    selection tools

    erase tools

    line tools

    gradient tool

    custom mini brushes


    all of the colors

    2 other effects of your choice ( you will have to tell which ones been used and how)

    You may use a reference photo, just add it here together with your finished picture.

    It doesn't matter what vehicle, a train, airplane, bike, car... or maybe a new invented vehicle? Use your imagination, but remember, it must be a realistic digital painting and not a photo editing!

    Some useable links:

    http://forums.getpai...ainting-a-hand/ Painting tut

    http://forums.getpai...gital-painting/ Painting tut

    http://forums.getpai...toshop-brushes/ Adding photoshop brushes

    http://forums.getpai...rushesmini-v19/ how to use custom brushes

    EDIT: Date is set to 1 Sept 2012

    EDIT: example (made in 6 hours, really not my best, the extra effect that I used was of course the stars) The reference Photo: Mercury-High-Speed-Train-3.jpg


  6. also, I use the line tool very much in my digital paintings, it really depends on how you use it, in some way's they really don't look jaggy, I think that is also a matter of the size of the image... if you create a line on the basic canvas it would look more jaggy than if you creat the same size line on a bigger canvas. It is one of the reasons I only paint on canvas bigger than 800x800 lol

    If you make white buildings it might be good to make 2 lines on the outside, one a lil darker that the air behind it as the most outer line, and the other line white or a diff light color. I do that in all of my paintings, it creates a better look in my opinion...

    You can see a bit of that in my tut: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/22939-painting-a-hand/

  7. thanks for all of those nice comments :)

    I actually started with 2 other pictures, one of Tomy and one of Zhang Ziyi, but they will have to wait since I have won 2 tourtickets of Poets of the Fall their German tour and huge fan as I am, I will go to all 6 concerts, of course + I will make one special artwork for them :)

  8. Thank you, Aislin. However, I didn't use the ink sketch effect. I drew the picture by hand, then scanned it into my computer and colored it in Paint.NET. The inking was painstaking, especially because I drew it on newsprint, which is not ideal for ink drawings. Anyhow, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by.

    oops, it honestly does look like you used the inksketch effect, than it's even better than I thought! :)

  9. Hi Dug :)

    well of your 3 new ones, I really like 2 of them :) the one with the woman and your self-sculpture, they are rich of colors and very well done. I just would like to say 2 things about them...

    the one with the woman, the part where they are attached to each other... if you add a lil texture as is, very light very tiny white dots or skincolor dots or even a bit of grain or noise, the skin would look a bit more realistic as if it's their own and not painted/smudged. Maybe it's what you did on purpose, then, I haven't said anything :)

    Your self-suclpure, it looks INCREDIBLE, but, when I look on top of the hair, It looks kind of 'cut out from a picture', maybe you could solve this with a tiny soft smudge? or if you've one, some kind of ' adobe dots pensil' in the smudge effect. somehwere on this site (forgot where) you can find how to add them...

    As I said, those two are almost masterpieces to me :) and I am glad to see how you have improved since I was gone :)

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