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  1. sorry did not know that! *giggles* it does looks nice, even more now I know why they are "flying" up
  2. well you have good eyes... I can see it now as well... but still like version 2 the best;-)
  3. Giggles that was because someone added an other image right after me without saying something... I already have the feeling I'm getting ignored by lsome of the people here... never mind... but just... all I wanted is to have some space so people can react on what I make... Maybe I will join the WOTW :wink:
  4. aaaw.... no comment on my picture??? sad.....
  5. can't believe why I have never seen your gallery.. Wonderful!!!! those drawings... WAUW
  6. a bit awkward... are the burning stones supposed to fly up?? Futher good work ;-)
  7. I really like your current sig... it's smooth... great use of colors
  8. Aislin

    Oma's gallery

    woow this one is even more great then the last one!! Hope to see more snowmen!!
  9. version 2 is lots better.... I like the way how you mixed the colors
  10. So nice all of it!! *giggles* being inspired by food?
  11. Made this for my wintercollection SL photography :wink:
  12. Nice one! I agree with Welsh, Love the background!
  13. welcome!! I love The Shroud
  14. Great use of color!!!!!! and the light (sun?) Wonderful!!!
  15. *giggles* yes it is me in Second Life..... Ohw maybe you might want to know... am going to do an audition for : 3D animation and visual effects (education) for next year... *giggles*
  16. thank you Soka and thanks to everyone who is looking in my gallery *giggles*
  17. *giggles* I like yours... as I already told you in PM *giggles*
  18. Hi Soka, It's always lovely to stop by here! You make such good work!!! I'm not as busy on the forum lately because my schoolwork is a bit (read: A LOT) suffering under Second Life and PDN *giggles* On to your new works: as always, I just love your use of colors, the movements in your image. I would love to see your avatar a little bit bigger because it looks wonderful!! Like always 100%PDN? Keep up the work and perhaps you will doing it more than just a hobby!! *giggles*
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