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  1. That's quite good- do you mind sharing the basis for how you did that? Maybe make a tutorial for the basics...
  2. This is one of my first creations, and I don't think I did too bad (for one of my first creations :weak smile:), but I could definitely do better. Any suggestions?
  3. is eating candy. Watermelon candy.

  4. I think I did pretty good, but there were some ones here I liked better...grr... XD sorry, I'm in jealous mode right now. Anyway, here's my rainbow
  5. Here's my go Not the best, but I tried; maybe someday I'll try it again with more luck. Good tutorial though.
  6. love the new version, and the new icons. Thanks everyone who worked on the new version for their effort. But why did some plugins(like smudge) not transfer to the new version?
  7. I loved this tut, great job. I followed it pretty closely for the beggining parts, except for making a dagger instead of a sword. Here are my goes. and
  8. I love your artwork, can you post some links to the ones you said you made off tutorials, like the border one from Oma? This is a great artwork, and you have some good shading, and some good tinting techniques.
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