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  1. With this one, i drew out a series of blocks, then darker blocks to add to the darker shaded areas; then i added another layer so i could add the bricks... for which i drew in with a transparent 1 pixel pencil... i think the transparency setting was 12... and then did the same for the cracks. Then for shading the bricks i used a brush with a transparency of 61 and brush size 6 i think... As for the flames in the background, red, orange and yellow, glowed, gaussian blurred and then zoom blurred. And then added light noise for the... worn down effect of the wall. Hope yall like it!
  2. Some coolio designed stuff for you to gaze your eyes upon.^_^ Me getting funky with some gaussian blurs! A film i watched a while inspired me to make this during college... its meant to be a Nebula i guess...: I just thought of Mountainouse stuff and added a statue head then add 2 Suns; thought it might add to a Alien Like landscape sort of thing.^_^: Enjoy! Sorry accidently somehow managed to post it in another topic, WOOPS!
  3. Ah yes there is now a bit more... felt like i wanted to break some kinda record yesterday by making 2 extra images instead.XD! Have a looky!: I do enjoy Scenery that includes a moon... just something nice about it: Any art is good art i get told; so here!: Enjoy and keep me posted... even though anyone has yet to post but ah well. ^_^
  4. Welcome to my Gallery of creative imagery... i suppose... Please leave me your views as i post more but for now this is all ya gonna get from me. Yep, sometimes i do design games... as a hobby unfortunetely i have don't have a site and any games i have are under development: This picture was orignally on the back of my College Timetable in black pen... so i thought meh i'll draw it in colour on my Compooper: This was gonna be a game for halloween but unfortunetely due to complications i couldn't finish it sadly: This here is the image i used in the first level of my game that was for a Halloween Game Making competition; had fun making it nice and simple!: This image was in the game i was designing for a Halloween Games design competition; what you see here is the last world background i titled Dream Portal: This picture was designed just today actually... took about 30 minutes but i only drew it because i had temporarily lost my internet connection and thus i got bored and so i drew on: And here is another picture i drew on the same day of said boredom took around 20 minutes; kinda like it so its now my desktop. : Hope you liked my work; and i'll update more as i draw!
  5. Messed mine up... the eclipse select dissapeared and now i can't get it back... Should i start again or can i do some kind of instant select on the layer with the eclipse tool?
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