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  1. Thanks for the site comment. Couldn't have done it without Paint.NET! Also, thanks to the others who liked my image!
  2. I was playing around in Paint.NET last night and came up with this: I am new to the forums, but have been using paint.net for about a year.(I've been registered on the forums, but haven't been on for a few months) My skills are improving with paint.net, so I wanted to see what I could create, this time without a tutorial. Enjoy, -Brandon PS: If there's any forum Guidelines I'm not following, please let me know!
  3. If I ever want to add a shadow to the back of an object, I do it the old way. I have my item with a transparent background. (like this:) What I do, is duplicate the layer, select the bottom layer, and make the text or item one solid color (gray), then add a Gaussian blur. I then move the shadow layer around until I am happy with the angle, to get something like this: This is probably not the easiest way, but I like doing it this way. I like the result. No plugin required. And I don't know if this is helpful for what your trying to do. -Brandon
  4. says, "Oh, am I supposed to put something here? Oops! Oh well."

  5. Thank you very much! This tutorial is great. I used it to make this banner for the videos page of my flight simulator website: -Brandon
  6. I have a picture I took that came out blurry. Is there a way to "unblur" it? Thanks, Brandon 8) PS this is my first post, but I have been using Paint.NET for quite a while and love it!
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