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  1. Yes you understood what I ment - I guess. I Fireworks PNG files are not "flat". And my approach (hope) was that there is some kind of "import Filter" to open these files in Paint.NET. Or to use your words: >>The file you are trying to open is the equivalent of trying to open up a .pdn file in Fireworks or Photoshop. I would say: What I ask about is open: Trying to open a Photoshop (PSD) file in Firworks By the way - this works. Regards Manfred
  2. Hi, I did a lot of work with Macormedia Fireworks over the last year. So my question: is there a plugin (I searched but didn't find anything) or another way to open this kind of PNG files in Paint.NET? I know I can open these files - but they are "flat", what I need is access to the object in there. Regards Manfred