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  1. Cool sig..i like it :wink: however your name is "the stranger" but your sig says "Little Wonder", so um... 8/10. :o
  2. Bam! You passed. Very barely. You had a (beta-testing?) robot seatmate named Excellence who also passed. Barely. I wish for a pepperoni pizza.
  3. you install paint.net in your FLASH DRIVE and also always keep a dotnetfx installer in there.
  4. something happens to the way your browser understands character encoding and it spells "nothing" as "&*@#&". I wish the rain would stop.
  5. hehe.. thanks. i knew my sig would suck..the background was a manipulation (clues: the soldier's head, the abuse of Glow,etc.), and i felt some quote should come with it. guess it was wrong.. Hidden Content: (I replaced my sig. this was the one Shk was rating.) of course, yours is 10/10. looks powerful.
  6. maybe you can pm one of the advanced users here for step by step instructions.
  7. i see. you want to cut out the picture. If you're really newbie you might have a little difficulty here. check out the 1st and 5th tip here .http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=20971 you can also search for the tutorial on Alpha Masking.
  8. i see.. i think i was confused because the list showcased only a few of the plugins.. great plugins by the way.
  9. thanks yellowman... however the Download link on that topic redirects to Simon Brown's plugin pack, which doesn't seem to include mage map plugin.. i'm trying to search now... UPDATE: It includes image map. my bad.
  10. why is the download link redirecting to Simon's plugin pack? Is Create Image Map included there?
  11. that's what i'm doing ..just wondering.. and slice is useful in freeform cropping images..
  12. :idea: I'm just wondering if it's possible to have a slice tool in paint.net? If it would have one like in photoshop, paint.net would be a powerful tool for a web designer.
  13. marvelous ...and to think i wasted time looking for some sort of plugin for this kind of effect.
  14. i joined today. hello to all. i'm a newbie to graphic design.
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