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  1. Yeah, I know, but this new version is kinda screwing with me. But whatever.. About the glow, I think i shoudn't even put it in the work. About the background, I've wanted to do that "Galaxy thing", tutorial by Sharp (i forgot the name ), but I cannot do it! :evil:
  2. Heres one of my works. It's a planet! No tutorial!
  3. Oh, that! But, I'm not using it, like, every day. I'm not some artist, but I hope, someday, I'll be.
  4. Thanks guys for welcome! h3llb0yn3cr0, I kinda miss you there. What, you haven't doing art in PdN for a half year, or I've not good enough for a guy who is working for a 1yr in PdN?
  5. Hello, my name is Ivan, i am from Croatia and I've been doing' paint.net works for about a year. Everything that I know about pdn, I've learned here. So, I figured, why dont I register?! So, now I am with you fellows. I hope I'll be having good time with you, and you'll have good time with me.Oh, I've almost forgot, I'M 13yrs old, igf it matters. Sorry for my bad english, I'm not the best at it. And I am too lazy to go to GoogleTranslator
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