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  1. I dunno how to say it on english, but it's to... to.. intensitive or something like that.
  2. I really like your new collection. I'll give it an 9.
  3. Can anybody make me a signature, not for this forum but.. It shoudda have blue colors, some render with paint.net (logo or something) and it shold write on it: PdN boy , paint.net artist... If anyone want to..
  4. Ok. No problem, I'll try the Ultimate Guides.
  5. Well, since you don't have avatar, I'll rate your signature. I like the picture, and "Space, the final frontier" is one of mine favourite... how to say, sentences.. I'll give it 9/10.
  6. ..you just sound stupid. I dont have an DA....
  7. Any chances for some tutorials!?
  8. Yeah, I know, but this new version is kinda screwing with me. But whatever.. About the glow, I think i shoudn't even put it in the work. About the background, I've wanted to do that "Galaxy thing", tutorial by Sharp (i forgot the name ), but I cannot do it! :evil:
  9. Heres one of my works. It's a planet! No tutorial!
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