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  1. Okay, so A couple months ago, my computer crashed, and I reinstalled windows, I have ALWAYS used paint.net and love it to the extreme, i tried to re download it and go to install it, and I get this error message. So i click okay, and it opens up a new window for me, to install the .net framework 3.5 service pack 1 From there i download it, and try to install it, I get yet another error message that says i need to download windows installer 3.1. By now, im like what the crud, :twisted: I search windows.com for the windows installer 3.1 and get this. So, I download, that and go to install it, and hour passes and its still doing nothing, I let it run and run, and than it just says " there was an error trying to install, this application was not installed" And thats all I get. I dont understand why its not working, i have tried and tried to get it to work, and its not working. For a faster reply, Email me at Edit by Rick: E-mail removed. The discussion will take place on the forum. Thanks. I really want to start doing my graphics again, so anything and everything will help!
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