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  1. "Signed Difference" works great, APShredder. Thanks very much!
  2. Thanks for agreeing to help! My current procedure gives the wrong result for color images (unless it's run individually on each channel). It takes almost 40 operations to get the correct result in Paint.NET. It should only be a few lines of C#.
  3. Hi APShredder, Often I want to compare two layers A and B, yielding a third layer C which contains the signed differences between the respective pixels of A and B. The Difference blend mode in Paint.NET only gives the absolute difference, so I lose information about whether the pixel from the top layer was brighter than the pixel from the bottom, or the other way around. Difference blend mode: C(x,y,channel) = |A(x,y,channel) - B(x,y,channel)| Signed difference: C(x,y,channel) = [A(x,y,channel) - B(x,y,channel)] / 2 + 127.5 Technically this can be done with built-in blend modes, Invert Co
  4. Hi Tanel! This is a great pack, one of the first ones I downloaded after I cleared out my Effects folder tonight. I thought I might let you know that "Color to Alpha" and "Color Mixer" both crash on Paint.NET v3.5 Beta 4. They load without any errors when the program starts, but immediately crash when I attempt to bring them up. Everything else can be brought up without any problems! Hidden Content: [reason]Error Messages[/reason] File: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\ColorToAlpha.dll Effect Name: ColorToAlpha.EffectPlugin Full error message: System.TypeLoadException: Co
  5. I know this is a month old or so, but I just came across it, pretty cool. Thanks, flip! edit: made glow thinner
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