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  1. I've tried to reproduce the error many times, but without success. I've tried JPEG and PNG, the discussed size and even bigger, but without issues. It seems the problem is somewhere inside PDN - I had exceptions when just work with big (really big!) files in PDN. Which picture format you have used? May be this happened only with specific formats?
  2. I believe it is easy to find the "Download" page now ;-) BTW - an interesting way to use the plugin ;-)
  3. The version 1.1 is now published! The problem with crashes is now solved (I believe!) Please download the new version. Big thanks to all the guys who leave comments!
  4. Click Ctrl+Minus (to decrease the view size) before using of the plugin - usual this hepls. I still have no idea why this happaned sometime. If works I will add this to help.
  5. [updated - Version 1.1 is now published with fixing of the crashes] Anaglyph11.zip At http://anaglyph.netne.net/ you can found a plugin for creations of anaglyphs (stereo pictures) as well as Tutorial and Help. You can found more info here - Anaglyph image (Wiki this) Example - Alcatraz (Google Earth (Wiki this) is used as a source) - red/cyan glasses: Same image for blue/magenta glasses: Click on the pictures for bigger images. Please send your questions to this thread only.
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