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  1. @Rick Brewster Here is the case: Posted November 1 (getpaint.net) ... Would be possible to give higher pri to plugin file format loading routines in cases like this (GIF built-in extension used for both GIF and animated GIFs, handled by a plugin)? At lease if you specify from Windows file requester a specific format filter....
  2. Oh Thank you from prompt reply. Will this change in the future for Paint.net? At least when force-loading a specific format changing file type in the file-requester... Of course keeping default filter will give priority to built-in formats, but when choosing a specific filter I expected Paint.net to ignore built-in filter.
  3. Mmmh, if I select from requester to open a AGIF file, Windows file requester will be correctly restricted to aGIFs only in that directory, skipping normal GIF files: but then when I proceed loading those .gif as AGIF they won't get loaded as agif Is this a bug? I know I can rename them .agif to load them correctly as animated gifs, but I wanted to keep them as .gif and force-load them as AGIF from within Paint.net... Am I doing something wrong? Is this impossible to do?
  4. Hello. I'm a newbie... How can I save a DDS in RGBA32? I see many ARGB32 options but no RGBA32...
  5. INVALUABLY HELPFUL! Thank you! Never been so easy making a colour transparent, finally!
  6. SOLVED Oh no! It was a conflict with Chameleon Window Manager (Lite freeware version). Killing CWM Paint.NET won't crash on exit anymore! Byez
  7. I have some problems with Paint.NET v3.5.10. 9/10 it crashes on quit reporting this kind (always the same) of problem (see attached)... Exception details: System.InvalidOperationException: Operazione cross-thread non valida: è stato eseguito l'accesso al controllo 'panel' da un thread diverso da quello da cui è stata eseguita la creazione. in System.Windows.Forms.Control.get_Handle() in System.Windows.Forms.Control.RectangleToScreen(Rectangle r) in PaintDotNet.Controls.DocumentView.get_VisibleDocumentRect() in D:\src\pdn\pdn_35x\src\PaintDotNet\Controls\DocumentView.cs:riga 627
  8. I've just found a freeware alternative: http://smoothdraw.com/product/index.htm Would be great if also Paint.NET one day would add support for free-hand brush styles...
  9. What a pity... would be better than producing an extra plugin for each gfx format, if the OS was already capable to handle it.
  10. Today I manually installed PSDCodec.dll following this guide: http://www.ghacks.net/2009/07/29/view-p ... -explorer/ I expected Paint.NET to open also this newly added gfx format but it fails (= unknown). Now I wonder: does Paint.NET support WIC + WPF frameworks to open all gfx formats the OS has installed and supports? If not, will be added in future releases? I come from the Amiga world where a similar "plugin" concept for all multimedia data files was invented more than 10 years ago: you added the so called "datatype" (just a pair of descriptor files... a few KB) to the OS and all applic
  11. I need to edit pixel by pixel a blurred transparent image and the standard transparent checkboard pattern of Paint.NET is disturbing me (since the grey squares are almost the same color of pixel I want to add/remove I can't distinguish them!). Where is the option to remove/change color of the default checkboard transparent pattern?
  12. I hope one day you'll add this interesting unique feature to Paint.Net, would be a killer feature that only a few other painters have...
  13. Not exactly: this plugin adds just "stencils" (it calls them "brushes") with no pressure control etc. I was looking for something to make me able to use classic chalk, crayon, neon etc. styles when painting, with a bit more sophisticated options...
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