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  1. I discovered the problem. It's the canvas. It's saving along with the PNG. Any simple way of making the canvas wrap around? I'm doing it manually now.
  2. I recently created a group on facebook and upload an image but the image shrinks automatically and has bad quality on facebook. Any one familiar with this? It's a ridiculous curve ball to what I've been working on. Anyone familiar with this nonsense with any advice?
  3. Thank you. It seems PNG has a tendency to compliment what you're doing as opposed to jpeg and gif files.
  4. I have created what I want, a banner like image, and saved it from PDN to JPEG. I made sure the bottom is completely erased but it saves the jpeg with the bottom white part! How do I make the canvas "wrap around" my banner so when I save it that's all there is to the file is the banner and no negative space around it?
  5. Bare with me people. I have a file with many layers that I want to incorporate into another file (with many layers). I "import file from layer," the layer is highlighted upon it's arrival. I attempt to resize it and it resizes the whole thing. Attempt to move it only a layer moves. How do I manage to make that "group" of imported layers in and of themselves (if possible)? I gave up on trying to resize it while it's imported (I've since resized it prior to importing the file) but even so I have difficulty dragging the imported PDN file into the space I want to within the other pdn file. I understand I can turn it into a JPEG but I don't want the white space around it (not to mention it's a picture with a glow effect) that I have to get rid of frustratingly. Is there a way? I've been merging layers now but it's just ridiculous. That seems like the only decent idea I could come up with, though.
  6. I've made a big red oval. How do I give it a glossy sheen? like an oiled bubble in the light? Just looks so flat. How do I project it more with a better finish?
  7. I followed the tutorial but one curve ball. All I have to save for the save files are ANIMATED GIF (as opposed to animated PNG). And my file says "GENERATING PREVIEW" (in windows) and when it loads it just a black box.
  8. Which distortion tools in particular do you use? I'm using the Polar one to no avail. All I think is there has got to be a better way. I envisioned a tool that allows you to "pinch" corners and bend them. Right now, I'm selecting the word and it's like shooting in the dark. I fool around with the settings but can't get them quite right (I'm trying to wrap a word around the bottom edge of a circle). The degree of the "bend" is not quite right before it starts to severely warp and twist and jump all over the canvas.
  9. I've been clicking around the silhouette with the wand and deleting stuff, at first setting the tolerance to high then it gets alittle trickier and ultimately I'm left with a bunch of specks. Is there any bread and butter way to do this because it seems like paint.net 101 in my mind.
  10. I got it. I outlined the image (gave it a thin border). I deleted the inside. I magic wanded the outside of the outline, switched to the layer with the grass, and deleted. Thanks for the help although not the way I wanted to get it done.
  11. I have a picture of an lion and I want the lions silhouette (no borders, his silhouette completely) to consist of only the picture of grass. So I want a grass picture in the silhouette of this lion. I did what you explained but to no avail. I think I'm doing it right. I'm gonna keep trying. All I ended up getting with the OUTLINE (a thing little line of the silhouette) embedded into the grass.
  12. I installed the plugin but all its doing is making a black box for a shadow. It's not really mingling the two. I'd actually like to make the canvas itself the silhouette and make the grass within it. Tough times though...
  13. I have a picture and I want to turn it into a silhouette for another picture. How do I combine a huge picture (the picture is blades of grass) and make it's shape that of the silhouette? So basically the blades of grass are now within the outline of the silhouette.
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