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  1. Animated Images

    Thank you, that worked And yep, a hand drawn 39 frame animation ^^
  2. Animated Images

    This works quite well if you're into animating the old fashion way, but still need to compile it digitally
  3. Well I was making a layer intensive image like 8 layers up So I go to smudge and then pdn freezes and closes But its only since I updated versions
  4. Could a tool similar to the polygonal lasso tool of PS exist/be made for It seems simple as its just like a line tool but with selection instead I would make one but I don't know C#
  5. Paint.NET v3.5.5 Beta released

    Cool a new framework? Awesome New mods to my pc is always a welcomed thing 2 questions though 1 Why does the new beta update not show up when I click the check for updates button "I have it set to show the betas" 2 If I install net 4 on my pc will the old still run untill I upgrade? Thanks
  6. Trouble reinstalling pdn

    Restore failed The pc has been hacked 3 months ago and I think thats why its not allowing the restore
  7. Trouble reinstalling pdn

    That would wipe my hard drive of everything ive done
  8. Trouble reinstalling pdn

    Its not there not even the uninstall exe exsists
  9. Ok I was dumb and I deleted the folder in my program files Now when I try to install I get a 1603 error How can I fix this?
  10. Im not sure what program created this A friend emailed it to me So I was wondering how I would go about making something like this with pdn?
  11. The Introduction Thread.

    Hello My name is James I joined up because I use PDN a lot (On my parents pc they havent gave the okay to upgrade pdn to the newest vs =_=) Anyway im 17 born in Az. but if I had to pick a home state it would be california My artwork is mosly clean and for websites Like: icons, signatures, logos, avatars . . .ect I obtained Paint.Net to complement my coding skills and it has No need to worrie about me for I just spent a half hour staring at the rules page :~P Sup fellow forumers