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  1. In the next version of your Plugin Index, please could you include Alpha Transform v1.1 (posted by DW-dev), rather than Alpha Transform v1.0 (posted by DW.dev) which is now obsolete. Any future versions will be posted by DW-dev. Thanks.
  2. Yes, it is CodeLab that is generating the code that causes the error: 'PaintDotNet.Utility.ClampToByte(int)' is obsolete: 'Use the ClampToByte() extension method instead' (CS0619).
  3. I'm using CodeLab with Paint.NET 3.5 Beta 1 on Windows Vista 64-bit. I am encountering a problem after adding a 'Drop-Down List Box' or a 'Radio Button List'. When I select 'File | Save as DLL ...' and then click 'Build', I get the following error message: 'PaintDotNet.Utility.ClampToByte(int)' is obsolete: 'Use the ClampToByte() extension method instead' (CS0619). This also happened with the Paint.NET 3.5 alpha builds. Does anyone know of a workaround?
  4. I've added an extra option which allows the post-effect Alpha values to be displayed as gray-scale colors. The intention is that this option would be ticked to allow the result of the effect to be easily assessed - and then untick before clicking OK. 32495_741da9c1d40fae38dc1154c962507162.Zip
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