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  1. This originated as this bunch of flowers... When I finish a matching avvie it'll replace my temp (vvv) one. Edit: Avvie!
  2. I'm almost positive this fits here.... It started as a single wood texture (the surrounding image of untouched wood). I used a photoshop tut for the idea but its 100% PdN! I call it Wood Carving
  3. You might want to try starting on a large scale, not resizing the screenshots at all. When you are completely finished with the image and have done the rotate/zoom, then resize to a size you like. It will keep the integrity of the image better than a zoom on each screenshot individually.
  4. No need to 'SCREAM' I think you broke two rules in the very title... plus, that's kinda the point of the image hospital... Try reposting it there for help on it...
  5. Hahaha Also, I actually thought the rose was real at first.. XD Amazing.
  6. I know! I have it bookmarked on my iTouch so I can keep checking it! Poor Hechter is still stuck in the pit... I love the opening of the War of Fate
  7. Mine too. I got into it after reading AMD up to the last part the author made (its STILL not finished )
  8. Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have by Panic! at the Disco Oops, wait, song changed... Broken Bones by Rev Theory Hate when it does that...
  9. Not on this apparently! XD I just never read histories of stuff...
  10. No XD i was just making a square, then just started adding stuff until it turned to that then I saw a 'd' in it and it's my first intial... lol
  11. Links go off site... they most likely carry more information than a bold.
  12. Make a seperate folder to store the brushes you're not using. Otherwise it really bogs down Smudge and the Custom Brushes plugin.... And they disappear if you update. Do the same with plugins.... This way they don't all go *whoosh-bye bye acculmilated brushes and plugins* I learned the hard way....
  13. I guess it's not being buried yet.... XD I did the same thing (changed username) but w/o the theatrics... my old account still exists tho...
  14. Honestly, I think it's more about what the site can handle than spammers or being annoying....
  15. My newest pixel art... followed the cube tut then used it for shapes... only used 11 colors but 3 hues....
  16. ^ Apparently plays guitar... :shock: < can only pick at the strings... v is on pg 118 of this thread!
  17. Not exactly a photo, but I made this for my bro... Who doesn't want it... But anyway, it's kinda like a 'super pencil sketch,' as I call it, of something from halo. The one that looks lighter is the mod, the more colorful one is the orig. Edit: this one is actually from a picture... it's of Eva Longoria... It almost looks like the ink sketch but still more pencil-y. It's kinda obvious which is real
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