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  1. What Happened to Us? Hoobastank 'What happened to us? And deep inside I wonder, did I lose my only?' My dad always told me to sing it aloud and it would go away... works for me if I sing along to the entire song.
  2. haha i doubt she'd b very active in it. she's always busy w/ stuff.
  3. I saw the uber-high price of photoshop and freaked out because I didn't know how I could possibly afford that at 15 w/o a job, so I searched for free alternatives because I was tired of regular MS paint, found this, and loved it enough to reccomend it to all possible Photoshoppers I know to save them the now-around-1000-dollar price :shock:. So my friend says she loves it way better then the photoshop she's tried but she still hasn't joined the forum...
  4. You aren't sick because you're dead :shock: ZOMBIE!!!!! I wish I could figure out a background for this image I'm working on.
  5. ^ likes twilight < has gotten over twilight v hates twilight
  6. def the second one. adds depth and an interesting touch.
  7. I kinda think that's the point (duplicated houses...).
  8. Does it have to be just one building recolored if we wanna have multiple? or can we do diff types?
  9. Wow these rules are getting more and more confusing XD
  10. 2 weeks is good. I've got a LOT of school work. idk 'bout you guys, but I can only rly work on these during weekends...
  11. :shock: That just slashed it by about a 1/3...
  12. Haha Pixel Art is making a come-back. Can't wait 'til the entries are up. *prepares pencil tool* This is gonna be awesome if we have a month! EDIT: Should we include our Pallette with our finished image?
  13. [sarcasm] I'll never fit it in that! It's WAY too small! [/sarcasm] XD that's huge.
  14. Yeah, but I'd say put it in the Overflow... and it should be about a certain thing so it's not a bunch of random pixel arts.
  15. I use layers to separate different parts of a pixel art image... Like letters in a word or added parts to a building. I try to do the coloring the old fashioned way though.... feels like I'm doing it more traditionally.
  16. Actually, you aren't supposed to use anything other than the pencil tool. I just change the v (I can't for the life of my remember what it stands for out of HSV I know hue and saturation tho) by about -20 for a darker color or 20 for a lighter and trace the previous lines....
  17. Exactly. Plugins run effects, while pixel art, it's all you. You want a color darker? open up your color wheel and get to work! hahaha
  18. It takes skill (on more intricate projects especially) and planning so your colors and lines match up. MUCH harder than letting pugins do all the work....
  19. They should! or atleast a kind of sub-forum kinda thing. Pixel art is a whole new kind of art form.... You gotta actually do it pixel by pixel w/ no special tools!
  20. you read the ENTIRE comic already? there's four episodes with a ton of panels in each.... it took me a few days...
  21. It is only the greatest comic of all time, but beware: it is addicting and... still not finished... Click and be tortured by laughter!
  22. 9.5/10 Awesome, but the white-ish bar over the planet seems kinda random.
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