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  1. I dont think it's cheating if you use dithering in your image and use that for finding your pallete...
  2. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it This tutorial will start at and give us Cool, huh? So how do you do it? Well, first, pick your image and paste it onto an new canvas. Second, duplicate the layer. Run the layer through pencil sketch with 1 for pencil tip size, 0 for range. Now run autolevel until you don't notice a change after running it. Change the blending mode to additive. AHHH! What is that? Don't worry... It'll be fixed! Duplicate the layer. Set the layer to overlay. Open Brightness/Contrast and set it to a low setting for both Flatten Paste the original image into a new layer Set the blending mode to multiply Flatten. Much better! The next part is optional, but can enhance the shading on some pictures. Duplicate the layer Run pencil sketch at the highest settings (20, 20) Set the blending mode to multiply Flatten the image and it should look like this: Tada! Have fun and post your results! EDIT: some one said that the same effect is with the ink sketch... not quite. This is the same picture, but with default outline and full color... Extremely different in my opinion....
  3. you're a master, but then all technology crashes and you can't do anymore work!! I wish my iTouch's screen didnt have a crack...
  4. does everything a spidercow does! Measure twice...
  5. hmm.... what about icons? it was posted earlier... or people.
  6. You are no longer cold. In fact, you're on fire! Ouchie... I wish I had not read that suggestion for my halloween costume... :shock:
  7. Awesome tut. I like the look if you layer the original metal texture underneath.... very sleek and high tech.
  8. You do but then it is stolen away by a ninja! I wish I knew what to be for halloween
  9. Yeah I use layers to separate dif. components of an image. Helps to save original image if you want to try the look of something else.
  10. Page 1 rule 1. Well, modern pixel artists actually use a paintbucket on larger images for the sake of time.
  11. I looked at wikipedia (I practically worship that site lol Love it!) and understood it better. It showed moving diagrams and using it made more sense afterward.
  12. Have you tried the Octagonal/quad reshape/matte plugin? If you want to mess around w/ the shape try that... Doesn't curve but works w/ angles and things...
  13. Hmmm... have you tried just tracing the out line with the line/curve, pencil, or brush tools? on a new layer copy VERY carefully over the lines and flatten.
  14. And if you just want to resize ONE layer, (or multiple layers) use Shift+Ctrl+Z and open Rotate/Zoom. Set the 'Zoom' to what you want and hit ok. Got to the next layer (when resizing multiple layers) and hit Shift+Ctrl+Z and the hit ok. Repeat on all of the sucessive layers you want to resize. Hope that helps! EDIT: Oh and you can also do that for moving it with the 'Pan' option. You can also do the 'Roll/Rotate' Option or more than one option at a time. Great for consistency.
  15. XD You can also just Ctrl+Z if you blurred it. If you found it that way, you're stuck w/ it.
  16. XD Can you make those or are they premade? I have a few friends who I could use that for!
  17. Layers are your friends! Try just opening what you want to clone stamp over the other one on a layer under what you want to clone stamp on to so you can still see it, and clone stamp across the layers (when I learned I could do that I was ESTATIC!) then just delete the bottom (clone stamped FROM) image and voila!
  18. If you're thinking anything like the things in Word and stuff, then yeah, layers. But you've gotta make sure whatever you're trying to send it behind is separate from the actual background, or else you'll lose it behind the background.
  19. Yeah. We were actually discussing in the Umbrella for a while about it. Pixel art is so much different than all the other subforums under the Tuts section...
  20. Grrr. Freezes when opened. There's a sticker on my laptop that says: AMD Turion X2 64 Is that the prob?
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