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  1. I get how it works but I can't save them. Even if I try to save the original it breaks. I assume it's optimized to delete the area where alpha is zero because you wouldn't normally want it anyway.
  2. If I turn the alpha all the way down in one layer, it works. There is a hidden picture. If I try to save it.. it gets deleted. Any ideas?
  3. http://www.tineye.com/search/a6d572785b ... 1fc1b530e0 (url expired) I can see it :\
  4. I hope this helps some:\ Just look through some effects and play around with it some, there are lots of ways to do it..
  5. OK, so I messed around with it a little more and got these errors....:\
  6. nope, no error messages it just closes still no change...
  7. sorry for code tag, I'm usually on a website where you have to code your links.... anyway framework here because Microsoft website wasn't working Hidden Content: >. I was trying to install 'Paint.NET.3.36' then I tried 'Paint.NET.3.5.Install' It started installing but then it did the same thing after about 10 seconds...
  8. well I'm on my other computer... but it won't install .. I installed .net framework and updated windows.. but still not working.. here is what happens.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y37t1c4ODxo
  9. ok time to take it apart...but it happend exacitally the same time paint opend.. wonder what broke..
  10. I don't know what happened .. I just clicked paint.net like usual but a blue screen with some words flashed .. It was to fast to read... but anyway now my computer won't start I used paint.net on the computer with no problems until now.. :? EDIT: anyone who is reading this for some reason... the new version of paint.net doesn't do this it works fine :\
  11. AdBlock Plus might reduce the delay. If they were direct links people wouldn't have to worry about that.. and its just annoying having a whole page load when all your trying to do is look at one picture..
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