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  1. Go back to the tutorial that I gave the link to. Go to the part that says, "The files are .abr files. Now what?". Use the ABRviewer program to convert the .abr files to .png files. .
  2. If you have already extracted the brush images out of the .abr files, then you can copy/paste them into the Custom Brushes folder. .
  3. OS = Operating System, Windows is an operating system. If you click on the "Start Orb" at the bottom-left of the screen, the Start menu will pop up. If there is the word - Documents - on the right side, click it. Look for a folder named Paint.NET User Files inside the Documents folder.
  4. You could make a non-square image on a transparent background, save as PNG, then add it to the brush folder. Typical location: "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Paint.NET User Files\Custom Brushes"
  5. It's disabled by default. It can be enabled. http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/888-quick-launch-enable-disable.html
  6. If you put a Paint.NET shortcut in the Quick Launch area, you can drag images from the web and drop them on the shortcut. It will Paste In To New Image.
  7. Have you installed pyrochild.effects.REQUIRED.dll ?
  8. No Effects plugins come with the program. You can safely empty the Effects folder. The files that are outlined in red above were there, but only by mistake. They shouldn't have been there.
  9. Use the link in my previous post. This forum is the only approved listing for Paint.NET plugins.
  10. Delete those outlined in red. http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/7959/1nvw9rfraa.png Actually I think that you should delete all files from the Effects folder and start over. It looks like you may have installed files from the illegal amiho... site, or some other offsite download. Plugins downloaded from anywhere other than the plugin forum can be problematic. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/forum/7-plugins-publishing-only/ =========================================================== There are a lot of out-dated, obsolete files showing.
  11. OK. I don't see any MadJik plugins. Can you expand the pane to show all plugin files. (All of the Effects folder's contents.) May need to do more than one screenshot to show everything. =================================== Edit - Color Zoom Blur is MadJik's.
  12. Close, then re-open Paint.NET. ====================== Look here: Utilities > View Plugin Load Errors If any error reports are present, pls. post them. ====================== Also, open your Paint.NET Effects folder, and make a full screenshot. It should show the contents of the folder and the full folder path in the address field. Post the Direct Link, or thumbnail. http://www.take-a-screenshot.org/ http://imageshack.us/
  13. It would be better if you posted links to examples of what you are referring to.
  14. Pressing F1 with Paint.NET open will take you here: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/index.html
  15. Try it out. Make some Clouds with Difference blend. Then hit Ctrl+F a few times. You can see the difference.
  16. There's a Blend mode menu in the Clouds dialog. You could run that twice on one layer. Or you could do it with two layers.
  17. Effects > Render > Clouds With Difference Blend mode. .
  18. Some plugins installed in the Effects folder may show in sub-menus of the Effects menu, some may show in the Adjustments menu.
  19. The problem is the result of the change to the new forum last April. There are many links throughout the forum that haven't been updated. Since the old forum no longer exists, the old links go nowhere. .
  20. Sounds like something specific to your system. Does it behave the same if you type holding the Shift key down manually with Caps Lock off?
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