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  1. 7/10. Probably the only good rap song I've ever heard. Kings of Leon - Use Somebody
  2. I just got my third project of the school year! Woohoo! *Makes gun shape with hand, pretends to shoot self* xÞ
  3. ...right there! Man, that's going to look perfect with the new furniture. I heard you like...
  4. ^ Perhaps < Is the 98900th post in Off-topic V has a nice sig
  5. ^ Nope, it's a sister. < Doesn't have a lot of posts D: V Has a lot of posts
  6. Hello, everyone. I am Geistigen, a somewhat new PDN user. I've been lurking around here for a bit, just never got around to joining. I've been to many forums, and I've read the rules already. Hopefully I fit in and become a regular. And that's all for now. :3
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