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  1. I get all my plugins via the forum, though IIRC some do prompt a visit to the author's site to download them.
  2. Paint.net is running normally for me, however my most recent Malwarebytes scan lists several plugins as "Trojan.Inject" My other security software (AVG, etc) says the Paint.net program folder is clean. I think it's most likely a false positive but I would like to know if anyone else has gotten the same scan results. If so, did you remove the files? (I know it's the plugins, not Paint.net, causing the issue but it seems less efficient to ask in five different plugin threads if others have encountered this problem.)
  3. Update: This was a few days ago, but the forums went down before I could update my post. I tried creating a brand new file at the default settings (96dpi, 800x600 or there about). Same problem. Working on the initial background layer, I selected the Text tool and randomly chose a font. I typed the alphabet and everything was fine. I chose a second font, started typing, and blue screen. The fonts are not causing problems in any other programs (paint, Open Office Writer), so I think the PDN text tool is the culprit. Has anyone else encountered this?
  4. Not sure if this is a windows (Vista) bug or a PDN 3.5 issue, but there is a failure to communicate somewhere in the works. I'm trying to work on a 31+MB file that has 12 layers (originally a 2MB 600dpi jpg image). It's basic b&w line art, and thus far my edits have just been separating elements to individual layers, with an occasional rotation. Three times now, when I've added a new layer, selected the Text tool, and started typing, I suddenly get a blue screen saying Windows has encountered a problem. It doesn't happen immediately when I start typing, but probably within 30-60 seconds. (I was using 3rd party fonts - a different one each time it crashed.) The error message came and went too fast for me to read the whole thing, but I pasted and copied the Windows "report" from the last time it happened: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.0.6002. Locale ID: 1033 Additional information about the problem: BCCode: 1000008e BCP1: C0000005 BCP2: 9410E55A BCP3: 855436E0 BCP4: 00000000 OS Version: 6_0_6002 Service Pack: 2_0 Product: 768_1 It also referes to a Minidump file, but I don't seem to have a utility capable of reading .dmp files correctly. I tried opening it in notepad and the only part that was readable were a list of system drivers, and the phrase "PaintDotNet.exe." PDN hasn't created any error/bug/crash logs (to the best of my knowledge). More info that might be helpful: MS Windows Home Vista Premium SP2 Intel Core2Quad CPU Q6600 @2.4Ghz 3GB RAM Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS Any idea what's triggering the BSoD? Work-arounds? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. False, though I can google with the best of them. TPBM was old enough to vote during the last US Presidential election.
  6. Tried it twice: On my second attempt I used SinWaves instead of blur - thought the result was a little more fun. The skinnier fonts don't really "show" the picture but I like the overall effect.
  7. 2+ Years and the thread is still kicking - that's a damn good tutorial Here's my try: I skipped the "pencil sketch" step since it kept removing all color (I'm sure it's something that I was doing wrong, but I couldn't seem to stop it from happening :oops: ), and threw in a Rainbow Twist at the end.
  8. Why does everyone think I'm a guy? :shock: I'd never heard of Kung Pow Enter the Fist, but good ol' youtube --> I can't believe it was green-lighted by a major studio. <_<
  9. It didn't strike me as hard because I'm familiar with those particular kana/kanji. My thoughts at the time were more along the lines of "wonder what's available" and "that'll be easy to spot when browsing the forum."
  10. I probably should have posted here first. :oops: Hello PDN World! For anyone who's wondering, my user name ふしぎの国のアリス can be read Fushigi no kuni no Arisu which as you might guess roughly translates as Alice in Wonderland. It was a matter of character count: Japanese = 9, English = 17. Both are a mouthful, so feel free to call me Mary (after the awesome Mary Blair who's responsible for my avatar illustration). Many thanks to the PDN creators and community for building and sharing such an awesome program.
  11. Thanks for the information everyone. I had overlooked the Film Noir plugin and happily added it to my effects folder (it would be awesome if it allowed for fine-tuning). The Cross-Processing tutorial is also great, though in truth what I was hoping for was a plugin that would either automate the steps or present it in a slider-friendly format. I'm one of those people who is mystified by curves (i.e. I'm more likely to achieve something by chance, rather than informed adjustment) so I tend to leave them be. But better to have a tutorial than nothing at all. I'll keep on experimenting. ^_^
  12. Hello. Long-time lurker making her first post. My question is if there exists PDN plugins that emulate specific types of still films (Kodak Technical Pan, Ektachrome, Velvia, etc.) So far I've only found one for Lomography/Lomographic Film (many thanks BoltBait), but are there any others?