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  1. Ok, AZ shot done! Either I am really a sooky lala or this thing really did a number on me. Raging fever, headache from hell (mind you I put a lot of that down to the optician's drops to dilate the pupils just so she can tell me she suspects the beginning of glaucoma), aches that roam & hit different spots, nausea & of course the fatigue.


    I would hate to get the virus then. I can only hope the second one won't be as bad. Normal flu shot in a fortnight. Sux being old!

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  2. 12 hours ago, DrewDale said:

    Should this not read respected, retired pop star? 

    Your bands second album Afternoons in Utopia, sound tracked my journey from where I was, to what I wanted to achieve. And thanks to artists like you, I reached my goal. 100% respect for that. 


    Yes, I smiled at the response & thought, wow, you are so much more than that. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, sashwilko said:

    So many talented people on here. 

    I'm just a hairdresser and beautician. Should have studied harder. 🤔


    Without hairdressers and beauticians life is not that good. Remember the Zoom meetings without video? Of all the services I missed the most, the hairdresser was top of the list. Second was the nail salon. Hairdressing is a tough gig sometimes too. 


    @sashwilkoyou are not just a hairdresser. 😀

  4. 27 minutes ago, mottoman said:

    I spent 15 years in the French navy, then 5 years as a tugboat second mate on the Kiel canal, I'm now a cruise ferry captain on sailings from Germany to Norway.

    Oh wow, that must be a very pretty part of the country to see. I have an affinity with boats...I want to see Norway.

  5. I have been many things, fruit & veg department & then butcher department in a supermarket, house painter, fishing trawler worker, fish & chip shopworker, home care worker, teacher including in a high security men's prison, manager, office worker, produce packer, mango grower, farmer & grazier, real estate sales, Avon lady, disability support worker & currently again in that role along with project manager training people to work in disability & aged care. 


    The job that I love most is teaching...and of course the disability support work which includes teaching :D

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