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  1. I really like dthis tutorial. very simple, easy to follow, adn after doing different mud's, it's produce's some amazing results. I'm going to have ot try this oin some other things, see what happens to them. Meanwhile, here are my first, and second attempt at this.
  2. Nice tut! Easy and fun! Here's my first partake in it.
  3. Oh no! I've bene labeled a Denver fan! Lol. Thanks for the tut, Pyro. Pretty cool deal. @Chad: I thought I did. guess I'll have to go back and try a darker blue? Hmm....I'll post once I fiddle with it. I agree, the light blue just doesn't...mesh....with the rest. Edit: Here's the background on my aunts computer. She saw what I was doing and wanted on for herself.
  4. Thanks. You'll get the hang of it!
  5. Utilizing some different options, here's what I got.
  6. Well, here's another shot at it. I think I got it down this time....
  7. Ok, now I"m feeling embarassed. :oops: I got ti to work earlier, and now, I can't get this neat/nifty glass effect to work. I get stuck on the step where you color the shadow black. When I do, it colors the whole layer, not the square, and I'm unable to select teh rectangle with magic wand, either. it just selects the whole layer. It's frustrating as I had the effect working for me before, and now it own't. Any suggestions? I've followed the tut exactly multiple times, and it keeps doing it...
  8. I'm really liking the stuff your coming up with, Chad. Looks pretty snazzy. Here's mine. Nice tut. Easy to follow. Being a beginer as well, this game something I don't thinI would have come up with otherwise on my own.
  9. Here's my shot at it. Probobly not among the best, but I kinda like the way it turned out...
  10. WEll, here's my shot. I thought it lookeed pretty good, until I saved it to upload here. There for some reason I ended up with the white on the border. Don't know why it's there...any suggestions? Otherwise I like the tut, and found it fun.
  11. Well, here's my go at it. I think it turned out pretty nice. Comments/critisicm? BTW, easy tutorial to follow (except for the moving the shadow part, I was stuck on that for awhile). Edit: I read somebody said somehting about putting lightning in there, so I attempted to. Not sure of exactly how well it worked, but here ya go.
  12. Pretty slick! I like that font you used. Mind if I ask what it is?
  13. Thanks! I'm finding i like PDN more than others I have used. I especially like doing sig's...so far..
  14. Thanks, I checked them out. Nice stuff. I think I'll hold off on the ships at least for now. I wanna get more aquainted wiht the program, and get better at it. then I'll tackle what I was aiming to do (or at least picturing in my head).
  15. Another version I did. I like this one allot better.
  16. So here's my gallery. I'm proud of what I've done, even if it is noob-ish. I've only had the program for a week, and learning allot as I go. Please fee free to critique these, and any tip given will be incorporated into new ventures. Here's some of the "glow'y line" stuff. I learned it, and still not perfected, but I think it get's better each time I do it. Except for the last one. I Bad choice of colors on that one. More glow'y line. I used my fovorite model, and tried different effects on the pic. Please tell me what works, what doesn't, what could be changed. Now, I'm very happy with how these turned out. I attempted to deviate from the tutorial. I think they turned out well enough. I'm not sure if I like this as is, or if it's incomplete. You decide. I like it, but not sure if it's finished.. hmmm..+ The rest here are sig's I've made.
  17. Yeah, I tried that program, but decided to float away from it for a bit. Thanks anyway.
  18. Well, I'm new. I'll be honest. Past week, I've been fooking around in PDN and following som tutorials, just getting a feel for it.Most excellant program, I have to say. Now, something I was wondering was this: Is it possible to make 3d ships in PDN? I'm thinking along the lines of Star Trek. I have several skin's/meshe's, but wasnt sure if any of that could be used in the program. I searched, but didn't see anything, so if I missed a previous topic like this, I appologise.
  19. Well, not exactly the same, I did change a couple minor things. But here's my attempt at it. I'll have to try agian, see if I can do a better one.
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