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  1. I own both a PS3 and a 360, so I think I can give an unbiased opinion. I'll just start with pros and cons, then end with a closing, overall opinion/suggestion. Playstation 3 Pros 1. Superior hardware - While currently developers aren't really using the PS3s potential to the fullest, it could prove to be worthwhile some years down the road when devs are pushing its limits and the other consoles won't even begin to keep up. 2. Blu-Ray - If you're big on hi-def, this is a serious bonus. Even with hi-def aside, Blu-Ray also helps support bigger games. Eventually, the tech put into a video
  2. I'm uber new to PDN. Just grabbed a copy yesterday. Thus far, I really enjoy this program! I'm pretty newbish but it's fun, nonetheless. I've been hovering the forum since last night trying to educate myself with a bunch of the tutorials, all of which are really helpful. Same goes for all the plug-ins I've found here, they're all awesome. So that's it, just wanted to thank those who have tutorials and plug-ins, and have been kind enough to share them with me. I'll stop in as often as I can to ask stupid questions... j/k (okay, well, maybe once in a while) JEEZY
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