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  1. LOL! looks like a better version of twitter logo!!! nice tut, thx
  2. wow. very simple. very realistic. thx!
  3. AdamCG


    I tried it on a RAW file i had, and it said: "There was an unspecified error when opening the file"
  4. Before: After: Note that this plugin works best on actuall pictures of people.
  5. This plugin converts to COMPLETE black and white. NOT grayscale. After you use this, there will only be two colors, black and white. I'll upload examples. BlackAndWhite.zip
  6. I've always used this method: 1. Set the foreground color light green, and the bg color dark green. 2. Select the fill tool, and set the fill type to anything other than solid (the percentage ones are best) 3. click in the image to fill it with the two colors and the fill type you chose. 4. Do the frosted glass tool (effects/distort/frosted glass) Play around with those settings untill you get what you want. You can do the adjust hue and brightess function from the Adjustments menu if you want. I'll post an image as soon as i can.
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