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  1. uuummm..... yeah i guess i never thos of that!!!! HAHA ///.~
  2. Sorry about that. and i already hav the splatter plug in, i was wondering if there was an effect for something like a paint run/drip thing.
  3. oh sorry if theres already a post for this. i searched for one but couldnt find it
  4. i was wondering if there was an effect that you could make like a paint drip or like render one. bc theres this pictuse that has a paint drip looking effect and i wish i could recreate that. Emo heart
  5. i am havin problems with the Blood splatter custom brush set, it keeps crashing PDN.. :evil: .. some1 tell me why
  6. that and i cant evn find the custom brushes tool anymore...v.v, (/cry)
  7. how do you get the custom brushes on to Paint.Net... i dont quite understand the directions. (but im sure i will as soon you help me.)
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