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  1. Hi The problem is not with Paint.Net as you stated, but talking to the techs in India it was the upgrade Microsoft gave not long ago..so he said. It is costly to get these Techs to fix the problem, but that hopefully will be finished tomorrow. Not happy with Micro at this point. lila
  2. Paint.NET WILL BE fixed...one way or another. Needed your help in reading this new-to-me language rendered by my own computer. My appreciation to all of you that have spent long hours bringing this progam to us. WILL BE BACK WITH ISSUES SOLVED as it may help others. Thanks for your advise and information. lila
  3. Thank you Rick. I uninstalled the Paint.NET program and tried to give the new installation a clean start. It gave the same notepad message and the new one will not work either. Every program works well but this one. If needed I can try the codecrash email and give you a better chance in reading all the information.?? I have Norton and it 'protects' me well, and every email goes in/out is also protected. I simply cannot find in my progams this: HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Fusion/EnableLog (Dword to 1) or: Assembly binding logging. Thank you, LILA
  4. Hi.. Cleared my pc of the Paint.NET in order to see if I could work out the problem to install another one...and message was about the same thing: I omitted much of the body due to posting problems. If anyone knows if this address is correct would appreciate. Mailed the entire notepad to this address: crashlog@getpaint.net ////// I have no clue what all of this means. Thanks for any information. Want very badly to have Paint.NET working well _and_ WITH "SMUDGE". (GRIN) Once this is resolved..a check will be in the mail as I wish to make a donation. Hope this is ok. Thanks for the help. lila PS. sorry could not get the crashlog on my post. My apologies.
  5. Hi.. Mine has crashed also. I read yours from my pc and there is the address at the top of that form to send the problem. I used that address. Hope it is a working url.. Mine has never crashed before but it keep going to "no response" then it would work correct..then back to "no response"...back and forth. Good luck and hope this is resovled as I use Paint.Net daily. tks, lila
  6. lila


    HI. ALL MANIPULATION WORK AT PAINT.net. I intentionally moved background to get the image to look overlayed. Have many beautiful examples for my studies of Paint.NET. lila http://dlila.net/-APRIL-NG/negate3-JasperLady-dent.gif http://dlila.net/-APRIL-NG/jasperLady-dent-comp.gif
  7. Sarkut.. Thank you. 'redo'works perfect now.
  8. Hi..using 'Redo' with latest version of Paint.NET, windows vista, P.N is not responding when I use 'redo'. First one works, then if I use it the second time it gives at top a not responding. Love this progam for my art/design work. Thank you, lila
  9. Have 3.51, newest update but still having problems. Think main one is not knowing enough about how to and when to...drag. Otherwise it is beautiful, Paint.NET. I work with it far more than Gimp, or Paintshop which are excellent programs right up there with Paint.NET. tks guys...L
  10. Texas gal here, and wanting to learn from you guys all possible. I have written a EDIT php script for imaging, and for personal use..but that's about it. I have been on a computer for a short period and still have lots to do, learn. Thanks for Paint.NET 3.51 and it has giving me an edge on many functions, effects the EDIT php will not produce for me. tks, L
  11. David...Being a fan of Vermeer, and studied his few works of art...loved your tutorial. Certainly well explains the way we should work in pixels rather than the old master that worked with dots. I am going to beam this article to keep as it is one that will never be out of date. In art terms trillons of dots sprayed on watercolour, is a different subject...but related. tks... L
  12. if you left the writing out of it, it would be looking much better then it is now... it's a bit too much..... but the white/blue part in the left upper corner looks nice tho I agree.!!! However my 'drawing abstract text' just grabbed me. I could have used text to introduce aqua color. tks
  13. Thanks..I am not sure of the process of "directly into the folder..C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\effects but with all the information I WILL. again...Thanks...... L :x
  14. is there a way to install BoltbaitsPack.zip into C:\PaintNET\effects....then unzip? Or unzip all of these..and drop and drag to the effects folder? I have these listed in another section but cannot "Move" to C:\....... Windows Vista with lots of space. If you need this: I have added these to "properties", "desktop" and still cannot move these to C:\ Have read the 2007 install plugins..( 5 times)
  15. Thank you !!! Wanted the black to have a suede look and some of it happened (pushing lots of buttons) to my amazement. :idea:
  16. Thanks...have read it so many times, but without clear and up to date instructions or a "read me" it is too much to assume those of us just learning Paint.NET effects for newer plugins...is not that easy. I will most likely uninstall Paint.Net and try again. Thanks for the url. L PS..love Paint.NET newest version. (it uninstalled beta version)
  17. Is the 2007 version of uploading plugins the correct procedure? I have tried to get the _unzipped_ plugins to C:\ where Paint.Net is installed and so far moving plugins to desktop or properties doesn't work. I have read post on this board. If anyone can point me to the newest version of "Installing Plugins to C:\ , I would KINDLY...appreciate. windows vista with sufficent space. L
  18. True. And in using the three color medium scale for this test it brought that part out for me. In testing "dents" for dark, medium and light I might try any color. Thanks for your good info.
  19. Hi.. Abstract is not one of my favorite art forms, but lots of good work here. I was experimenting with "dent". This was made with a white backgound first...and tested my placement in colors-test.?
  20. The "DENT" is completely amazing. I am anxious to try images.Good one and tks. L
  21. It is a great program for an artist...however my first draw. "Moose" was 'JUST' kinda cute. Thanks to all that made this possible. Fantastic creation for layering, etc. L
  22. I installed PAINT.net 3.3.6 successfully and works fine. still trying on layers to substitute for composit-over in a blend method. any pointers appreciated. thanks for this -fine- program. L
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