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  1. Have 3.51, newest update but still having problems. Think main one is not knowing enough about how to and when to...drag. Otherwise it is beautiful, Paint.NET. I work with it far more than Gimp, or Paintshop which are excellent programs right up there with Paint.NET. tks guys...L
  2. Texas gal here, and wanting to learn from you guys all possible. I have written a EDIT php script for imaging, and for personal use..but that's about it. I have been on a computer for a short period and still have lots to do, learn. Thanks for Paint.NET 3.51 and it has giving me an edge on many functions, effects the EDIT php will not produce for me. tks, L
  3. David...Being a fan of Vermeer, and studied his few works of art...loved your tutorial. Certainly well explains the way we should work in pixels rather than the old master that worked with dots. I am going to beam this article to keep as it is one that will never be out of date. In art terms trillons of dots sprayed on watercolour, is a different subject...but related. tks... L
  4. is there a way to install BoltbaitsPack.zip into C:\PaintNET\effects....then unzip? Or unzip all of these..and drop and drag to the effects folder? I have these listed in another section but cannot "Move" to C:\....... Windows Vista with lots of space. If you need this: I have added these to "properties", "desktop" and still cannot move these to C:\ Have read the 2007 install plugins..( 5 times)
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