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  1. So, using paint to copy and paste into Word is a two click process and with Nero it basically does not work. Good job on what I thought was a good application and more importantly there appears to be no support for word/paint problems. Class.
  2. I updated to the latest version of paint and have noticed that when I copy and paste part of a photo into Nero cover designer the picture has turned into a series of horizontal lines. If I paste twice in to a word document (why twice) and then copy the image again the image is correct in Nero. Could somebody explain why and how to correct this please. As you have to click paste twice into word and affects Nero then it is something to do with paint
  3. Many thanks. Have downloaded the zip file but very time i try to move the dll file to the effects folder I am asked for a password which does not appear to be mentioned at all. Can you advise please.
  4. Is there a way to move and rotate an existing text box. Or if needs be rotate a text box during initial placement.
  5. I have received a jpeg document with various graphics in it. I have cut two graphics out but the area left behing looks like a chess board. 1) How do I remove the chess board effect leaving behind a plain white background. 2) I wish to then add two other graphics which I have copied to the windows clipboard but when I come to paste I either have the paste button greyed out or I click paste and nothing happens. so in essence how do I get rid of the chess board effect and also paste a graphic into the remaing space. Please no comments along the lines of "" if you can't do that simple thing then you should not be using paint "" everybody has to learn sometime
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