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  1. Effect: Polar Intervision Amount: -4.00 Offsets are both 0. Edge Behavior: Reflect Quality: 5
  2. Ah, I love that song. Tied with "Demon of the Fall" and "April Ethereal" for my favorite song from the album My Arms Your Hearse. When by Opeth When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin
  3. 8/10 I like the background. Don't know why, I just do.
  4. Well I thought I'd join this site. I'm new to (just downloaded it yesterday) and so far I'm having a lot of fun with it, well except for some trouble installing a plug in. Anyways, I'll see you guys around.
  5. I just installed last night. A few hours ago I decided to download and install my first plugin BoltBaitPack. However I am having a huge problem. When I first downloaded it I downloaded it as an application extension to the Effects folder, just like it told me to. Then I went to the folder to unzip it, but it said the folder was empty. Afterwards, I used my computer's search and I found the shortcut to the plugin in the recent documents folder. I tried opening it and it said that the shortcut has been broken. It asked me if I wanted to delete the shortcut or fix it. I clicked fix and it sent me to the Effects folder, and there it was. I clicked properties and unblocked it. But after that I'm not sure what I did, and where it says "Opens with:" on the properties it says "Internet Explorer", which I found a little strange because it was supposed to be a folder. I opened it, and then my computer went all screwy. Internet Explorer kept opening and closing very rapidly. Even Task Manager was having trouble because of how high the CPU usage was (about 98%). I understood at that point that Task Manager was pretty worthless. I logged off. Then I logged back onto my computer. I quickly went to the search and found the shortcut to the plugin again. Then once again I saw that the shortcut was broken. I fixed it to find the original, deleted the original, and then deleted the shortcut. Next I deleted them both from the Recycling Bin. I went online again to re-download the plugin, but instead of saving it as an application extension, it saved it as a zip file, and it didn't allow me to change that. And just like last time, when I went directly to the effects folder, nothing appeared. So I had to find the shortcut (which was already broken), fix it, then see if I could find the plugin and install it. But I couldn't because it still would open up with IE, and I wasn't going to repeat that same mistake. Now everytime I delete it from my computer and re download the exact same thing happens. I really want that plugin too. Any help? Sorry it was a long read. I wanted to make sure to put in as much details about my situation as possible.