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  1. I play browser games. I used to see people make awesome signatures, banners and avatars. I wished I could do it like them. First I got GIMP, but I sucked at it. Then I got Photoshop, but sucked at it too. So I gave up for a while. Then my brother comes home from university last month for holidays and I see paint.net installed. I begin to make my first sigs, and it developed into a hobby =P
  2. Yea some red is a good idea imo. But either ways, it's really nice =)
  3. Some more works: You guys like abstracts, here's what I came up with(clicky):
  4. The upper one: 7/10 It's a bit too bright imo, but good otherwise The bottom one :8.5/10 Like the concept, like the colour combinations Please rate these ones:
  5. Another one out of the oven
  6. I created I a thread in the The Pictorium . You're welcome to go and comment. Also, thanks for welcomes!
  7. Oh I see. Lol, I'll still have to practice a lot for that. Maybe I'll be able to do a bot like the one Ash made, some day
  8. Finished this one some minutes ago.
  9. 007 Nab, not sure I follow you. I got the laptop, the globe/star and the corner image elsewhere. But the rest was done on PDN. The borders, the reflection, text etc. Would that be a 100% PDN work? Also, thanks for the warm welcomes and comments!
  10. Hello everybody! Been using PDN for nearly a month. I like how its soo much easier to use than photoshop/gimp (which I suck at). I see it's possible to do really good stuff with this. I began looking through the tutorials yesterday, and there are so many techniques :O I already did 3 works after reading some of the stuff in this forum, and I've noticed considerable improvement. I now occupy myself making works for a forum I'm in, for a clan/alliance in a browser game (Cybernations). Cheers! El.
  11. Hello every one! I've been using paint.net for nearly a month and I'm very pleased with how easy it is to use. I found this site yesterday and have already set out to improve. Here are some of my works: A project: My sig in a forum. Was happy when I created it: This was a requested sig, pretty hard to do but not such a good end effect: This sig was requested from me, looks plain though: Played with tile effects: My first sig using techniques learnt in this forum : I learnt this one in a tuturial here : Also learnt this one here : EDIT: (25/07/09) EDIT: (26/07/09) EDIT: (01/08/09) Please tell me what you think.
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