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  1. Most of you might not even have noticed it, but it is there, it is powerful, and it is waiting for you to use it: Discover the wonderful world of Median

    Plug-ins used: Alpha Mask (http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=1854)

    There are multiple situations, in which Median can be very useful, so here are some examples to show you how it works:

    1. Round Corners


    Imagine you have a shape with sharp edges and you want to round them, you can try to replace the edges with circles, but if your shape has no background you are much faster if you simply run Median with a Percentile of 50 and a radius according, to how round your edges should be.

    2. Shrink Object’s


    Ok you want to make a glass button, let’s draw a rounded box and duplicate the layer and use Hue / Saturation to make it white, now take Median: Percentile: 1 and a Radius according, to how small your light should be (1 to 20 is good).Now simply mark the top Part of the button and use the Gradient tool on transparent mode press strg+I and use Gradient again.


    3. Cut Out Object’s


    Every one of you knows this situation: you just used the Magic Wand tool to cut out an object, but it still has an ugly outline? A little adaption of 2. can help you: Just duplicate the layer and use Hue / Saturation to make it black, now take Median with settings similar to the 2. ones (you should see the outline, but only a small part of the object

    Copy the whole image (in this layer) and delete it, now run Alpha Mask with “Invert Mask” and “Paste from Clipboard” on the Object

    4. Outline, the awesome way


    Some of you might know Outline Selection, it creates a line around your selection, but if you compare the outline to some professional work, you might get differences so let’s try with Median:

    Duplicate the Layer with your object, use Hue / Saturation to make the buttom layer black, now apply Median to the buttom layer. Percentile of 100 and a radius according to your Outline-width

    I hope Median and you will soon become friends :MedianEffect::D !

    {[ Yes I know… 5.a… but no one is fiddling with this effect, and so I wanted the people to notice this fantastic effect]}

  2. I know there are similar tutorials outside, but many of them use alpha mask which costs much time or have some bad edges.

    Final result:


    Plugins used:

    Align Object:


    1. Create a new document 300X300 px. and delete the white colour. Rename the layer to “Ring”

    2. Use the ellipse tool, mode, Draw filled shape, Colour: Light gray (808080) and press Ctrl to draw a circle fitting into the image

    3. Use Align Object, center (yes, this is important)


    4. Duplicate the layer and name the top layer “Ring Reflection”

    5. Use Adjustments, Hue/Saturation lightness to 90

    6. Use the gradient tool, mode: Transparency mode, Linear reflected.

    Start at the centre and draw a diagonal Line. Now it should look like this


    7. Duplicate the ring Layer and Name it “3D” move 3D to the top.

    8. Use Layers, Rotate/Zoom Zoom at 0.90x


    9. Duplicate 3D and name the top layer “3D Reflection”

    10. Use Adjustments, Hue/Saturation lightness to -90

    11. Use the gradient tool, mode: Transparency mode, Linear.

    Start above the image and draw a straight Line(hold Ctrl) down to the inner circle.

    Now it should look like this:


    12. Duplicate 3D and name the top layer “Colour”

    13. Use Adjustment, Curves, RGB mode , uncheck Red and pull the Right part of the line to the Button (to change the colour use Hue/Saturation)


    14. Use Layers, Rotate/Zoom Zoom at 0.90x


    15. Duplicate Colour and name the top layer “Colour Shade”

    16. Use Adjustments, Hue/Saturation lightness to -90

    17. Use the gradient tool, mode: Transparency mode, Linear.

    On top of the Black Circle and draw a straight Line down to the button of the circle.

    Now it should look like this:


    18. Create a new Layer named “Colour Reflections”

    18. Use the ellipse tool, mode, Draw filled shape, Colour: White like this:


    19. Use the gradient tool, mode: Transparency mode, Linear. Draw a straight line from the top of the reflection to a point under the Reflection it should now look like the Final Result:


  3. Ok gonna try this out


    the updates are named in alphabetic order, the name doesen't have to do anything with the content its just more simple than looking at the date


    You like my work? You dont want to look for updates every day? As long as there are not too much Subscriptions I will offer a kind of Newsletter in wich i'll inform you if there are updates. To subbscribe, send me a PM with the subject Subscription to cancel getting the newsletter name it Unsubscription (no subscriptions by comment)

    Here are some of my first pics, they are not that good, but everyone has to start somewere

    Hidden Content:





    These are newer walpaper, thex all have this strange resolution, because they are done for my netbook

    Hidden Content:






    Here are some icons:

    Hidden Content:








    This is a cover for a fictional magazine

    Hidden Content:

    Also check out my tutorials:

    Glas text

    Glas buttons

    If you undersand german check out my homepage, there are icons and futher walpapers,I will ad later:


    All work is Licences under the folowing licence:


  4. Hello! Today I’m going to show you how to create a Glass Text the result should look like this:


    EDIT: I changed some things to give you the best results(displacement) these things are written in Blue

    Plug-ins used:

    Bevel Selection

    Outline Selection

    ( http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/8318- )

    Displacement Mask



    0.I took the following background Image:


    1.Create a new layer and name it Text. Draw your Text it should be medium grey (808080) and drawn without antialias


    1a.Copy the whole Layer and paste it in a new picture named "Glas Mask"

    2. Mark the Text and use Bevel Selection:

    Dept: depending on the size( I took 15 but it should look like below)

    Color 1: Black

    Color 2: white


    2a.Do the same in the Glas Mask picture, but use Black for both colors.

    Save the picture, wich should look like this, as "Glas Mask":


    3. Change the setting of the layer to overlay and duplicate it. Finally sum up the two text layers (EDIT:depending on your background you may dublicate the layer more or less)


    4. Press Ctrl + I to invent the marked parts. Create a new Layer and name it Border.

    Use Outline selection

    Width: depending on the size (I took 4)

    Color: white

    Mark the Background, (don’t forget the holes e.g. in O) [Edit]

    Use Outline selection

    Width: same as before

    Color: Black

    Again: Mark the Background and

    Use Outline selection

    Width: same as before

    Color: white

    5. As you may have noticed not only the text had been surrounded by step 4, but also the whole picture. Mark the text as shown below and press Ctrl + I and Del to remove it


    6. Set the transparency of the Border layer to 125


    7. Create a new layer called Light and draw the light reflections using the line tool

    Brush width: Depending on Size (10 in my case)

    Ends: Round


    8.Dublicate the background layer and name it "Displacement" Aply Displacement mask with "Glas Mask"(the picture you saved before) (displacement around 40)


    9.Go to the Text layer and mark the background(tranzparent parts) go to the Diceplasement layer again and hit Del


    Some more Images(will be updated)

    Hidden Content:

    Sorry if some Words are not correct I am horrible in english)

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