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  1. I have tried the following camera raw loaders: RawLoaderPlugin.zip rawreader_bin_0.9.zip DigitalCameraRAWImages.exe Non of these open the new files organmad
  2. Yes i tried it. This doesn't work as Canon change something in the file properties as the .CR2 plugin for CS3 doesn't support the new .CR2 file. Thanks
  3. Is there a Camera raw file to support the Canon G11's new .cr2 File??? Organmad
  4. Here is my mail for the compition, it is my own branded webmail app, this was made using Paint.NET and no other applications.
  5. Is there a preview plugin like the one used in photoshop, E.G. you use unsharp mask and then you can see how much differnece it makes by clicking the preview box and it shows you with and without it. Is there any plugin for this. Thankyou for your time
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