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  1. I can't seem to see how to change the color on the fly.There is no drop down box so how do you do it? thanks
  2. thanks. I am finally figuring some of this out.However, when I do simple text only in a layer, I cannot see how to change the color of the text and how to alter it.Even when I start the layer again, the text will be some color I don't want.
  3. I am new to all of this and yes, I have watched many tutorials but I still need the basics. How do I draw a rectangle (got that part) and then paste into it 3 or 4 digital pictures ,add text for a website header? I have tried for hours now and there is something I am missing.thanks
  4. I have just started playing with thsi program and am a newbie in regards to any application of paint so I need a step by step manual., a "paint for dummies". Does it exist? thanks
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