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    HD 1920x1080 wallpapers. I'm retired and like to play with these - especially castles from around the world. I have a revolving list of nearly 1000 images for my desktop wallpaper. I use exclusively for edits applied to these images.

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  1. Toe-Head-2001 pointed this out to me, which solved my problem: "Make sure you've installed it correctly. The .dll file needs to be placed in the 'FileTypes' folder, rather than the 'Effects' folder."
  2. You're too sensitive, Rick. I was only referring to the fact that when you install a plugin, we have to leave it in whatever menu category the author puts it. I'll kepp living with things the way I have for the past few years - no sweat. It was only a suggestion. And thanks to all the other comments made here by forum members. Some get rather sarcastic, but I'll live!
  3. A couple years ago, I see that a user wanted the ability to customize all the PN menus. No way. However ... Plugin makers choose which menu and sub-menu their particular plugins will appear when installed in PN. I don't always like what they choose for a location under either ADJUSTMENTS or EFFECTS and then some sub-menu. Without having edit access to the scripts, we can't change the location within those two menus. Let the plugin creators continue to choose their menu location, but it would be nice if us users had the ability to modify the entire Adjustments and Effects menus (with the exception of PN built-in items). Any chance?
  4. Whatever fonts you have installed on a Windows system is automatically available to So if there is a font you want to use in PN, find it and install it to the Windows fonts folder (use Control Panel/Fonts). Here are two locations for numerous free fonts: and
  5. 4.0.10 is now available!

    Rick: I, and many others, are glad you're doing this. I have to laugh when I think of you, the creator/programmer of this great paint program, looking at all the dumb things us users post! LOL But I do think you're doing the right thing. And I don't turn off autocheck on my copy (presently back to 4.09) and have always done what you suggested about just not accepting a particular update when it is announced. And I have rarely ever done that. I should have told the guy who asked about that option. It sounded like he has never gone into settings before at all. Looking forward to 4.11 - have a great day!
  6. 4.0.10 is now available!

    Go to the settings button (upper right, gear icon). You will find a setting to turn off automatic updates. Edit by Rick: No, don't recommend to other people that they should turn off automatic updates. That's horribly irresponsible. BTW - I also went back to 4.09. Happy again.
  7. Color Mixer v1.2 (2008-12-24)

    No one has responded to my query. This my most used plugin but I get frustrated by what appears to be a flaw with the color green, especially under 'Brightness' and 'Saturation'. I mostly work with nature photos, so green is very predominate. yet this plugin seems to have little or no effect when I slide Green up or down. Other plugins that deal with color, seem to affect green as expected, but not Color Mixer. Can someone check this out and maybe respond to me? Thanks a lot!
  8. Lightning v1.1

    Thank you - I just downloaded it and will check it out.
  9. Lightning v1.1

    The download link is dead. Is this plugin available somewhere else?
  10. Silly me - that makes sense. I did not realize that, but I have it there now. Thanks!
  11. I have your 4.0 version of IcoCur.dll, but I tried it with PDN 4.07 and then 4.09 and it simply will not show a "ico" filetype in the open dialog. I even tried dragging an .ico file into PDN, but the warning message appears saying the filetype is not compatible with PDN. I had PDN 4.10 but I did not try the icocur.dll on it before I dumped it and went backward to a better behaved PDN. The plugin description says this works on PDN 4.0+ ... is anyone being successful using this plugin? I have long wanted to be able to edit icon filetypes in PDN, so was excited to see this. I hope it can be fixed.
  12. 4.0.10 is now available!

    I only keep three tool windows open all the time (tools, color and history) and they sit on the side (tools) and top (color & history) and I never have to move them. As far as reducing the size, I am only referring to reducing the "view" percentage just enough so you can get at the edges and corners. Doesn't change the image at all, other than the view. I've never had any problems.
  13. It would be so nice to be able to better manipulate an object marked with the LASSO tool. It is so hard to get it precise around an object with only the four standard handles to shape the lasso. So my request is this: Please add or allow for more numerous drag-handles on a selection - especially with the Lasso tool. That would be a huge help! Thanks, guys!
  14. 4.0.10 is now available!

    Thanks for your input, Rick, but haven't users learned to simply drag any tool windows they like - to outside the main window? How hard is that? Also, someone said overscroll allows working on the corner of an image. Really? C'mon ... again, simply reduce the image size temporarily enough to get at the corner. PLEASE consider removing overscroll or make it a user option. Thanks.
  15. 4.0.10 is now available!

    All you have to do is reduce the image enough (like 75%) and then you have no problem. Overscroll is overkill, big time.