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    HD 1920x1080 wallpapers. I'm retired and like to play with these - especially castles from around the world. I have a revolving list of nearly 1000 images for my desktop wallpaper. I use Paint.net exclusively for edits applied to these images.

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  1. I have the plugin downloaded and will check it out. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, Reputo ... I've dowloaded RedOchre's updated plugin pack and have loaded and tried the Bezncurve. It's a little more complex than I wanted, but will use it until something simpler comes along. I really just want a Line Tool as exists now in Paint.Net, but with more mid-points. Until then, I'll use Bezncurve.
  3. Like Reputo says, I use Paint - don't want to change. But thanks, anyway.
  4. I need a line drawing tool that has more than 2 midpoint drag points.
  5. The default line tool has only two drag points, besides the two at the ends. I need more flexibility with a line tool having more midpoints.
  6. Toe-Head-2001 pointed this out to me, which solved my problem: "Make sure you've installed it correctly. The .dll file needs to be placed in the 'FileTypes' folder, rather than the 'Effects' folder."
  7. Thank you - I just downloaded it and will check it out.
  8. The download link is dead. Is this plugin available somewhere else?
  9. Silly me - that makes sense. I did not realize that, but I have it there now. Thanks!
  10. I have your 4.0 version of IcoCur.dll, but I tried it with PDN 4.07 and then 4.09 and it simply will not show a "ico" filetype in the open dialog. I even tried dragging an .ico file into PDN, but the warning message appears saying the filetype is not compatible with PDN. I had PDN 4.10 but I did not try the icocur.dll on it before I dumped it and went backward to a better behaved PDN. The plugin description says this works on PDN 4.0+ ... is anyone being successful using this plugin? I have long wanted to be able to edit icon filetypes in PDN, so was excited to see this. I hope it
  11. Thanks - I hadn't seen that. I have it downloaded and will give it a try. Thanks! UPDATE: Fixed it. Thanks, much!
  12. That's too bad, but thanks for the response.
  13. I use Advanced Rotate fairly often, but I have a question: Did the author make 45 the default as a joke? It is irritating and I cannot understand why the default can't be zero or 1. 45 is ridiculous!
  14. I love this nifty add-in also, but I want to know if the scripts I create can be loaded somewhere under an Effects sub-menu so I can just click on a script name to make it do its thing??? Otherwise I have to click on Scriptlab, then load my script, then exit Scriptlab each time I want to use any of my scripts - right?
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