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  1. Hello everybody ... :D

    This plugin works good with PDN 3.5 as I just had a test on it right now.

    But why drawing position is not enabled ?

    It's top left by default but can't be changed ... :(

    Have a good day ... :mrgreen:

    I wasn't exactly sure what that option did, so I just disabled the control for it (since that was easier than deleting it). Can you explain what you would like it to do?



  2. You created a plub-in to create a grid which could be made by running an existing plugin twice? Thank you. :D Does it work with PDN 3.5?

    I don't know if it will work with PDN 3.5. I am using version 3.36.

    It is not the same as running Grid Maker twice. In this version you specify the number of total squares instead of the number of pixels per square. This lets you create grids that line up with graphs that don't use an even number of pixels per unit. For example, if there were 10 squares per 55 pixels, each square is effectively 5.5 pixels. With GridMaker you would have to choose either 5 or 6 pixels per square, and the grid would match the graph less and less the more squares there were. Also, this plugin bases the calculations on the currently selected rectangle instead of the whole image, which means you can apply the grid to a graph which is part of a larger image.



  3. This plugin is similar to (and is based on) Grid Maker plugin available here: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=4879

    I wrote Graph Maker to make it easy for me to analyze graphs (in Civilization IV) which don't have axes markings. Features include:

    • [*:1q5jwbi9]Specify the number of squares in the grid, not the size of each square. This allows you to accurately place grids on graphs where each unit doesn't correspond to a whole number of pixels.
      [*:1q5jwbi9]The grid is calculated based on the currently selected rectangle, not the whole image.
      [*:1q5jwbi9]You can have every 5th (or whatever number you choose) line be drawn in the secondary color, making it easier to figure out the exact value of a point on the graph.

    You can download the plugin here: GraphMaker.zip

    Unzip the dll into the Effects folder under your Paint.NET installation directory. The plugin will be found in the Effects menu, under the Render submenu.

    Here is the source code: GraphMakerSrc.zip

    Here is a screenshot of the plugin in use:


    I wrote this for my own use, but if you have any suggestions for improvements, feel free to let me know.