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  1. Yes and no. I made all the text, but the actual background of the picture was something I already had. If you wanted, I could try to either post the picture somewhere, or I could (maybe - maybe) try to devise a method to make something like it. I was actually thinking about doing this already. I might try, if i do, I'll PM you or post back here with an edit.
  2. I think I've found out how to make this texture. Maybe not exactly like it, but pretty close. 1. Run clouds on any settings. (you can mess with this to get different results) 2. Duplicate the layer. 3. Uncheck the top layer so that it's "invisible." 4. Median blur the bottom layer. Use a low percentile, 0-10. The radius is up to you. (you can play with these settings, too) 5. Emboss the bottom layer. If the line thing is pointed up, then the rock will be "stacked" down, with things like craters. If you point it downward, then you'll get results closer to the above. 6. Sepia the bottom layer. It should look pretty close to the above picture. 7. Re-check the top layer. It should just be clouds. 8. Median blur the top layer at the same settings you used on the bottom layer. 9. Set the blend mode of the top layer to overlay. 10. Turn down the opacity of the top layer to your liking. I think this method works pretty well. I haven't found anything else that came as close. Does anyone else have any ideas about how this might work better?
  3. Very nice tutorial. I really enjoyed it. I also liked how clear and layed-out each step was, very easy to follow. Nice screenshots of each step, too. That's what made it really easy. Good job. Here's my go at it:
  4. Look in the Tutorials+ subforum "Text Effects" for some you could use. Here is the URL: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewforum.php?f=37 You can navigate to it from the main http://paintdotnet.forumer.com page by looking for a link that says: Tutorials+ - Publishing ONLY!, clicking on it, and scrolling down to the subforum titled (appropriately) "Text Effects." Other effects can be found in the various other Tutorials+ subforums, although you will probably have the most luck in the "Distortions and Modifications" and the "Image and Photo Touch-ups" sections. Good luck.
  5. Here was my try at it. Original: W/O blurred background: With blurred background: Nice tutorial. Simple, yes, but not something I would have thought of otherwise. Very clear instructions, as well. Good job.
  6. Very nicely done. I used this on several pictures before signing up, and it's been really awesome each time. I'll try to find all of them, but I may post later with a few I missed. Also, using frames/borders plugins at the end can also give a nice effect. I used it on one (maybe more) of the ones I did.
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