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  1. Hello. Yeah, you guessed right, I'm going to post some of my work here. None are done from scratch. They are made with filters, effects, renders, custom fonts... I hope you like them and I would like to know how to improve them. You can also see my miniature work here: Click the icons with borders. They have links. More info there...
  2. Ignore my title... Hello. I decided to join this forum to show some of my skills and work. (No, I'm not an artist or something, just a normal user) And why do I choose Paint.NET over Adobe Photoshop, GIMP and Corel Paint Shop Pro? Simply, it's user-friendly. Finding the right effect is much easyer. Working with layers is much easyer. The program doesn't create a layer every time i paint something, like Photoshop... Oh and my name is Alex and I am 13 years old. I can't guarantee I will be too active here because I have a life, too and some other forums.